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All about Neon

Published : Nov 17, 2019, 1:45 am IST
Updated : Nov 17, 2019, 1:45 am IST

Fashion experts weigh in on the ongoing trend of fluorescent colours and provide everyday styling tips.

Ranveer Singh
 Ranveer Singh

Fluorescent colours were everywhere during the previous runway season; particularly neon yellow-green, that suits various skin tones despite its bold demeanour. While some embraced the trend and dressed up in neon pink lehenga or lime green saree, others played it safe by using the fluorescent shades in detailing.

Director of Kalki Fashion Nishit Gupta is excited to see neon back intend, he says, “Neon is making a brighter-than-ever come back into fashion. The fluorescent fever had hit the runway pretty much from the onset of last year, be it flirty pinks to peppy greens and tangy oranges. These eye-blinding hues need to match with your favourite highlighters to nail the neon trend to a T.”


These colours create a powerful effect, as seen by the various red carpet looks, performance costumes, and even street style pieces like hoodies, biker shots, blazers and shoes. “Fluorescent colours that look like they came straight from a highlighter have brought good numbers to the retail industry. It was a big trend in 2015, but it will continue to stay trendy till Spring Summer 2020. Various fashion experts and forecasters have predicted neon mint is going to be one of the colours of 2020”, says fashion forecaster Ankit Sood.

While celebrities like Alia Bhatt to Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, and Janhvi Kapoor make the trend look editorial and fashion-forward, incorporating neon colours into an everyday wardrobe is also easy — they can easily be mixed and matched to suit anyone’s fashion sense. And according to Ankit, the trend is fueled by social media. “The return of this trend was catalysed by social media, as we can see celebrities and luxury designers showing up sporting neon colours. It’s the updated version of the pastels trend,” he explains.


Pairing neons with neutrals such as black, grey, white, or beige can tone down the harshness, whereas mixing fluorescents or wearing a monochrome fluorescent look can create a bold aesthetic. However, stylist Eshaa Amiin warns, “You need to be careful about the colour you pick. Either you do a colour-block with a neon, have a standout accessory, or you stick to doing nude so you don’t clash.”

Meanwhile, Ankit finds that fluorescent pieces are very versatile. “Fluorescent colours can be found in various pieces, from t-shirts, blouses, outerwear to even knitwear. Few people do a single tone from top to bottom, some use neons in details, and others incorporate them into accessories like bags and footwear,” he shares. Ankit’s plan of playing with materials and colours gives his looks a lot of variety, going from bold and bossy to simple and elegant. He finds that balance is the key to achieving success with neon colours.


Nishit agrees and opines that pairing neon colours with basic pieces is the most effective way to style them. “Don’t let these hues overpower your entire look. In fact, let them be a fashionable addition to your day-to-day ensembles. Focus on your favourite fluorescent hue and build your look by mixing your everyday basics around it,” the fashion director advises.

Apart from the main outfit, neons can be used to give the accessories an extra pop. Eshaa says, “Most of my clients are using neon very often in their accessories, bags, shoes, etc. and I think it’s an interesting trend.”

Such bright colours used to be seen primarily on sheer and satin fabrics in an attempt to reduce the boldness of the piece, but Ankit encourages fashionistas to get creative. “Keep it minimalist by wearing an all-flashy-pink Anarkali dress and a pair of neon-licious earrings, or take the jutti route while exuding unapologetic girl boss vibes in a head to toe neon ethnic look. This can be for a formal outing or even an office party, for that matter,” he suggests in conclusion.


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