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Grooming ‘EM Lads’

Published : Jul 22, 2019, 2:02 am IST
Updated : Jul 22, 2019, 2:02 am IST

Guys, acing college fashion with these styling tips, will make your personality do the talking.

Checks shirt styled with skull cap and dusty boots with a bracelet
 Checks shirt styled with skull cap and dusty boots with a bracelet

Remember the cool graphic and slogan T-shirts Ranbir Kapoor wore in Wake Up Sid? Yes it's time for boys to woo them ladies with these style tips from casual wear brilliance to a sporting look at college every day. It's finally a chance to wear your shirt and pants the way you like, of course with some sense of discipline in mind. College life is quite eventful with fun camps, sudden trips, feasts and everyone wants to look their best. You've got to be versatile and stylish to fit well. Here are a few tips that will help spruce up your fashion quotient.

Some quick tips for College guys:

1. Create a trendy and stylish wardrobe.
2. Invest in good quality outfits.
3. Go for comfortable clothing.
4. Avoid overdoing it.
5. Style according to the body shape.
6. Avoid deep v neck t-shirt.
7. Graphic t-shirt will work great.
8. Go for perfect fits.
9. Denim is the key to look stylish.
10. Polo t-shirts look really well.  

White Shirt , Blue Jeans,  White Sneakers and Jeans Jacket, these are college saviours. You can never go wrong while pairing a simple crew neck or v-neck white T-shirt, slim-fit black/blue jeans and white sneakers for college. Because some days are just meant to be lazy.

Sass up your look with a classy hoodieSass up your look with a classy hoodie

Checked shirts will never go out of style. They’re classic, comes in many variants and can even with paired with leather  short boots  and sneakers.

Florals and Quick Party  Dressup: Florals for college? Something you think may not be right. Go for minimal jazzy prints and  since, your floral print is going to be the highlight of your look stick to bare minimal pairing. Go supremely classic with your torn jeans or shiny pants to suit that rugged party look.

Jumpers, Hoodies and Jackets :  A colourful , quirky and multicoloured jacket always adds glory to your complete look.

Layering: You could layer t-shirt and sleeveless sweater. T-shirt with waist coats, shirt and t-shirt, and hoodies and jackets are always eye catchers. Layering can help in creating an interesting and stylish combinations that compliment your appearance.

White shirt with denim jacket and white sneakers brings out the macho in you.White shirt with denim jacket and white sneakers brings out the macho in you.

Accessories Shoes: It’s important to own a pair of quality boots. And as many sneakers as you wish.

Watches Grab a watch that is made of stainless steel with a leather strap. Never go for gold colour strap Hats , Wrist bands , head and skull caps and Bracelets are must haves for guys.

Sling bags : For men sling bags is something everyone should own its very comfy fun and stylist look for a garment

Sunglasses: The multicolour shades specially blue and green metallic colour  is widely used . Black shades is liked by most if them men.The huge wide rectangular aviators  is something very popular these days .

— The writer is a celebrity designer for Sandalwood

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