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Kaleidoscope of style

Published : Jul 31, 2018, 12:18 am IST
Updated : Jul 31, 2018, 12:18 am IST

Mishra aptly followed Rumi’s widely celebrated concept of beauty surrounding us. He turned the stage into a garden.

Outfit by Rahul Mishra’s collection ‘Maraasim’
 Outfit by Rahul Mishra’s collection ‘Maraasim’

This year, monsoon in the capital and the India Couture Week went hand in hand. After a good rain, the ramp came to life with vibrant colours and hues. From Rahul Mishra’s collection titled, ‘Maraasim’ (relationships in Urdu) reviving ancient visual expressions while exploring new forms, to Reynu Taandon’s ‘Once upon a Dream’ celebrating the surreal and whimsical florals around the globe, the ramp was in its true sense a rainbow after a shower, dedicated to the wonders of nature.

Mishra aptly followed Rumi’s widely celebrated concept of beauty surrounding us. He turned the stage into a garden. While nature played a huge role in Mishra’s collection, it was the use of miniature paintings from the Mughal era that infused the breath of life in his collection. “The collection is based on connections with the past and the present,” shares Mishra, adding, “A time of visual and intellectual magnificence of monumental architecture, sumptuous textiles, and the finest miniature paintings — all boasting a common aesthetic coherence of Mughal elegance. The collection revives ancient visual expressions and explores new forms, with the use of geometry and arabesque to achieve patterns of complexity.” Not only this, the intricate vegetal motifs, with chevrons and spandrels from the rich decorative vocabularies of an earlier era, came alive to make the surface treatment appear surreal.

Reynu Taandon’s ‘Once upon a Dream’Reynu Taandon’s ‘Once upon a Dream’

Shyamal and Bhumika’s couture collection ‘Muse of Mirrors’ was a mélange of unique vintage colours of English rose pink, ochre, moon grey, dusty mint, muted ivory, champagne complemented with vivid shades of midnight blue, emerald green and crimson reds. Talking about the collection, the duo shared, “The collection was inspired by the regality and romance of ancient palaces, with their ornate archways, painted ceilings, silk upholstery and baroque carpets. We have used some of the most elaborate techniques in couture. Our vision as designers has been to take India to the world, using fashion as a medium to connect global audiences to the rich and glorious crafts and artisan techniques of India.”

Reynu Taandon beautifully brought to life the simplicity of nature with soothing pastel colours. The fondness of red is getting faded and this has become evident with just a slight use of red by the designers and more shades of yellow and blue.

“Evoking a tranquil spirit, the colour palette chosen is a fresh take on the simplicity of nature. It is a collection that draws inspiration from the contemporary bride, a girl who re-conceives fashion with all that’s modern and minimalist with a classic twist,” shared Taandon.


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