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Savour the best of Ramzan delicacies from Mumbai

Published : Jun 4, 2019, 2:23 pm IST
Updated : Jun 4, 2019, 2:25 pm IST

Mumbai’s famed Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohallah are abuzz during Ramzan. Find out the best they have to offer.

The two areas, Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohallah provide very different experiences. (Photo: AP)
 The two areas, Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohallah provide very different experiences. (Photo: AP)

Mumbai: Fourteen of Mumbai’s top chefs went on a food trail in Mumbai’s famed by-lanes of Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohallah. They set off trying to find the best of Ramzan food on offer. The group, led by Devansh Jhaveri, started at the famous Bade Miyan in Minara Bazar and followed the trail of aromatic kebabs and malpuas to find the best.

The two areas, Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohallah provide very different experiences. Mohammad Ali Road centres on self-service whereas Bohri Mohallah is all about the personal touch; their service is a part of the experience, reported Mid-day.

There is a wide misconception that there are only non-vegetarian options available on these Ramzan food trails, but these chefs discover dishes that even vegetarians can savour. Aloo and channa chaat, and aloo sandwiches are famous there as well.

Hindustan Restaurant

This place is famous for its chhote kebab, or goti ke kebab, as it was called. They are semi-cooked and once the order is placed, they are finished off on the grill before serving it. These melt-in-the-mouth kebabs are served with a slightly watery chutney. They sell for RS 20 for 12 pieces.

At: 112, Ibrahim Merchant Road, opposite Minara Masjid, Mandvi

Noorani Sweets and Milk Centre

Famous for their kesar phirnis, they also have a few of their signature dishes on offer. The fruitella rabdi, filled with different fruits is available in 150ml boxes. They also sell strawberry-flavoured milk and fruit and custard.

At: Minara Masjid, Ibrahim Merchant Road, Pydhonie, Mandvi

Chinese and Grill

This stall is famous for its Nalli Nihari. Lamb shanks are slow-cooked for 4 hours along with bone marrow to give it extra flavour. It has a lot of bold spices and is best devoured with naan from the nearby Altaf Bakery. This dish costs Rs 550 but is worth every rupee.

At: 122/132, Barkat Manzil, IM Merchant Road, near Minara Masjid, Mohammed Ali Road


While egg malpuas are available in every stall, this stall sells the eggless version, which is equally popular. The decadent malpuas are covered with a generous layer of shrikhand. It is a steal at Rs 360 per kg. Their other speciality of the malai khaja, a khari stuff to the brim with fresh malai and dry fruit.

At: 94/96, Husainiya Marg, Pakmodiya Street, Mohammad Ali Road

India Hotel

Bohri Mohallah best kept secret was discovered. This place sells succulent mutton sandwiches. They are filled with a thick gravy of mutton bhuna. An alternate stuffing of tawa chicken is also available.

At: Bohri Mohallah

JJ Jalebis

The mawa jalebis are a hit here. The rows and rows of black, carmelised jalebis, being pulling out of the tawa is a sight to see. They are then served piping hot with delicious rabdi. Make sure you don’t skip this!

At: Pradhan Building, JJ Junction, Kumbharwada, Mohammad Ali Road

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