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It’s all in the Hummus

Published : Jun 8, 2018, 12:27 am IST
Updated : Jun 8, 2018, 12:27 am IST

The Lebanese cuisine is a favourite of many, and visiting Chef Ahmed Ammouri shares some easy recipes to try at home.



  • 150 gm chickpeas    
  • 2 gm lemon salt    
  • 80 gm Tahina    
  • 8 gm salt    
  • 25 ml olive oil    
  • 10 gm cumin powder     
  • 2 gm sumac     
  • 2 gm salt 


  • Soak the chickpeas overnight. Boil until soft, ensuring the water level is maintained in the pot.        
  • Cool it down, drain and reserve liquid.    
  • Combine remaining ingredients in a food-processor except sumac powder along with the chickpeas and blend until it is fine and smooth. Add the reserved liquid from the chickpeas if required.    
  • Scoop out the mixture in a gourmet dispenser and pipe the mixture in a bowl, creating a shallow well in the centre.    
  • Pour a small amount of olive oil and boiled chickpeas in the centre.    
  • Garnish with sumac powder.




  • 150 gm chickpeas    
  • 60 gm onion    
  • 10 gm garlic    
  • 5 gm coriander powder    
  • 5 gm cumin powder    
  • 5 gm salt    
  • 2 gm White pepper    
  • Deep frying oil    


  • Soak chickpeas overnight. Drain excess water.        
  • Combine chickpeas, roughly cut garlic and onion.        
  • Coarsely mince it using a mincer.        
  • Take out the mixture and refrigerate.    
  • Flatten. Then deep fry till golden brown.

Lamb kibbeh



  • 100 gm  lamb mince    
  • 0.35 gm bulgur    
  • 0.06 gm onion     
  • 0.05 gm salt    
  • 0.05 gm pinenuts    
  • 0.010 gm cumin powder    


  • For the kibbeh shell    
  • Soak bulger in water till it is swollen. Drain and keep aside.        
  • Take lamb mince, chopped onion, a pinch of cumin powder and salt, mix well.     
  • Slowly cook onion, bulgur, lamb mince and pinenuts with a pinch of salt and cumin powder. After cooking, cool.    
  • Using damp hands, take a small portion of the mixture and make the shell. Add stuffing in it. Give kibbeh shape.    
  • Deep fry and serve with Arabic dip.       

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