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  Life   Health  05 Feb 2018

Life, Health, 05 Feb 2018

Use of common syringe by quack leaves 21 infected with HIV in UP

Chief medical officer Dr SP Chaudhary said the matter came to light after the health department launched a probe.

05 Feb 2018 8:40 PM

Medicines sold by multinationals in India are a threat to antibiotic resistance control

India has rate is amongst the highest rates globally of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic consumption.

05 Feb 2018 8:11 PM

Men with prostate cancer don't get help from doctors as they are embarrassed

Men in early stages of prostate cancer have a 98 percent chance of surviving while those in advanced stages have only 22 percent chances.

05 Feb 2018 7:22 PM

Old drug may have new tricks to fight cancer

Cancer-fighting drugs take decades to develop.

05 Feb 2018 6:58 PM

Meditation may not make you a better person: study

Compassion levels in some studies only increased if the meditation teacher was also an author of the published report.

05 Feb 2018 5:00 PM


Green tea, tomato juice could reduce risk prostate cancer

New trial is set to test whether these two beverages could help.

05 Feb 2018 2:10 PM

Scientists say chemical used in McDonald's chips can cure baldness

Method generated fresh follicles capable of sprouting new hair and within days the lab rodents had furry backs and scalps.

05 Feb 2018 1:45 PM

Are you eating your way to diabetes?

The consumers of red meat were 23% likelier to develop diabetes.

05 Feb 2018 12:38 PM

Anxious people more likely to get bitten by dogs: study

The suggested link between victim personality and risk of being bitten requires further investigation.

05 Feb 2018 12:37 PM

Taking herbal remedies with prescription drugs may be harmful

Here is what a new study has found.

05 Feb 2018 12:24 PM


Fear of death drives up bottled-water sales: study

The study used social psychology's Terror Management Theory (TMT) as its framework.

05 Feb 2018 12:09 PM

Grape-derived compounds may help treat depression, says study

According to experts, grape-derived compounds might be developed as therapeutic agents for the treatment of depression.

05 Feb 2018 8:38 AM

Pay attention to your gut

IBD symptoms vary, depending on the severity of inflammation and where it occurs.

05 Feb 2018 7:11 AM