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  Life   Health  10 Aug 2017

Life, Health, 10 Aug 2017

Doctors at heart of US opioid crisis

Doctors in the United States prescribe more opioids than in any other country.

10 Aug 2017 8:19 PM

Sleep could help babies learn to talk faster: study

Infants aged six to eight months were able to associate words.

10 Aug 2017 5:29 PM

Here are ways to keep up fertility in men

From exercising and going to bed naked to not riding a bicycle, we list ways of keeping up fertility in men.

10 Aug 2017 10:47 AM

Drug to treat blood cancer patients created

Drug, called HXR9, prevents cancer cells from sidestepping apoptosis - the process that causes unhealthy and damaged cells to die.

10 Aug 2017 9:14 AM

Protein that mimics exercise effects may treat heart failure, says study

Researchers discover protein cardiotrophin 1 (CT1) that can trick heart into pumping more blood, just as it does in response to exercise.

10 Aug 2017 9:06 AM


Beer may help overcome creative block, says study

Scientists from University of Graz in Austria found people performed better in creative tasks after drinking moderate amount of alcohol.

10 Aug 2017 8:55 AM

Destigmatising disorders

In her next, as the recently released trailer of Simran shows, she plays a kleptomaniac.

10 Aug 2017 12:09 AM