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  Life   Health  14 May 2018

Life, Health, 14 May 2018

WHO calls for a global ban on trans fats

The strategy to eliminate trans fats, dubbed REPLACE, calls for a broad awareness and advocacy campaign as well as legislative action.

14 May 2018 8:51 PM

Tips for couples facing fertility issues

Here are some tips that will ease such couples' stress .

14 May 2018 7:11 PM

In-womb air pollution may increase BP in childhood: study

Ours is one of the first studies to show breathing polluted air during pregnancy may have a direct negative influence.

14 May 2018 5:29 PM

New study may have discovered way to stop cancer cells from multiplying

Researchers believe that screening for drugs using 3-D structures of cancer cells may be more appropriate.

14 May 2018 3:35 PM

These indoor plants can help improve your overall well-being

Find out how they can benefit you.

14 May 2018 1:45 PM


Uterine cancer survivors more prone to broken hearts

pproximately 25.7% of cancer survivors were diagnosed with heart diseases five to ten years after cancer diagnosis.

14 May 2018 1:35 PM

Flexible, honey-comb like material could mop up pollution

These have potential use for separations, such as virus filtration, and for biological scaffolds, such as those used for bone regeneration.

14 May 2018 1:21 PM

Men, here’s how you may cure erectile dysfunction

New stem-cell jab that could cure men of erectile dysfunction is developed by scientists.

14 May 2018 9:08 AM

Vitamin D could help treat diabetes: study

Vitamin D in cells and mouse models proved beneficial in treating damaged beta cells.

14 May 2018 8:45 AM

A new 'vision'

The new technique for the powerful gene editing tool CRISPR to restore retinal function in mice afflicted by a degenerative retinal disease.

14 May 2018 8:30 AM


TB: Is tolerating better than eliminating?

The concept, referred to as "disease tolerance," provided an opportunity to develop new strategies that mitigate the results of infection.

14 May 2018 8:15 AM

How to treat Thalassemia

With around 10,000 infants born with the disorder every year in India, experts reveal that thalassemia requires the right diagnosis.

14 May 2018 12:11 AM