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  Life   Health  16 Apr 2018

Life, Health, 16 Apr 2018

Augmented reality app can aid Parkinson's patients overcome 'freezing'

The responses also differed by gender and category of alcohol dependency.

16 Apr 2018 9:08 PM

Why you shouldn't workout late in the day

Working out also releases the stress hormones in the body causing your body to stay alert.

16 Apr 2018 7:59 PM

'Caffeine used to create novel gels for drug delivery'

Drugs carried by this kind of material could be chewable or easier to swallow.

16 Apr 2018 5:15 PM

Do you often fall asleep while TV binging?

There are millions of people who think that their dietary habits need to be changed.

16 Apr 2018 5:08 PM

Here are 5 hacks to lose weight, without dieting

Here are five tips that might help you shed those extra baggage.

16 Apr 2018 4:18 PM


Endometriosis: What is it, what are the symptoms and how can it be treated?

Endometriosis is a condition that needs to be highlighted.

16 Apr 2018 2:10 PM

Does alcohol cause dementia?

The findings from the study are published in the journal Lancet Public Health.

16 Apr 2018 2:00 PM

A potential new weapon against heart failure

The team tested a manufactured peptide called pUR4 to block the fibronectin protein in human heart cells donated by heart failure patients.

16 Apr 2018 1:56 PM

Red, processed meat may lead to number of diseases

High consumption of red and mainly processed meat is unhealthy to humans and is related to diseases like cancer, type II diabetes.

16 Apr 2018 1:52 PM

A new warrior to fight HIV transmission

Scientists at the University of Waterloo developed the tool.

16 Apr 2018 1:10 PM


Here are hygiene habits accepted as 'healthy' which may actually be damaging

Long term exposure to active ingredients can also lead to bacterial resistance and hormonal effects.

16 Apr 2018 12:21 PM

Here's why painkillers can be harmful for pregnant women

As of now, guidelines say that, if necessary, paracetamol should be used at the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible time.

16 Apr 2018 11:16 AM

48 signs you are getting old

From forgetting people's names to feeling stiff, here are top signs of getting old.

16 Apr 2018 11:14 AM

5 signs you might have bowel cancer

From bloating to constipation and blood in your stools, here are the signs and symptoms.

16 Apr 2018 10:03 AM

Here's how increasing fiber in diet can help prevent colon cancer

Meanwhile insoluble fiber promotes bowel movements and creates a softening action in the digestive system.

16 Apr 2018 9:34 AM


Understanding oral cancer

Constant teeth irritation is a little-known factor that causes oral cancers.

16 Apr 2018 12:38 AM