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Year ender 2017: Here are the most bizarre vagina trends of the past year

Published : Dec 21, 2017, 4:47 pm IST
Updated : Dec 21, 2017, 4:47 pm IST

Bizarre trends have emerged from social media over the past few years and many are considered dangerous by medics.

Gynaecologists continue to highlight harmful effects of products and trends claiming to cleanse the vagina (Photo: Pixabay)
 Gynaecologists continue to highlight harmful effects of products and trends claiming to cleanse the vagina (Photo: Pixabay)

Rising awareness about sexuality has meant that young people have also started paying more attention to their body and personal health. While many go for procedures like designer vaginas among several others, bizarre trends emerging over the past few years have come across as extremely harmful for women.

Even as experts in the past have warned women against unhealthy practices related to body image and their private parts, more trends of a similar nature continue to become popular through social media. Here are few such practices which are likely to prove damaging for women.

1. Glitter bombs

The trend that was in the news for a fairly long time was that of women inserting glitter capsules in the vaginas. Introduced by a firm called Pretty Woman Inc, these were sparkalised capsules to be inserted in the vagina an hour before having sex.

Gynaecologists warned against the glitter bombing craze as they said it may damage good bacteria in the vagina causing infections and increasing risk of STI.

2. Yoni oil

Marketed by holistic sellers on several websites, the oil is promised as a way to get at-home vaginal rejuvenation. It has also been described as a cure for vaginal dryness, yeast infections, itching and unpleasant odours.

But experts have warned that it isn’t exactly safe to use since like other perfumed products, soaps and gels, it can also affect pH levels and cause irritation. They also said that people with vaginal odours, itching and irritation should visit a pharmacist or medics as it may be due to an infection.

3. Cucumber cleansing

Another much talked about trend involves women inserting a peeled cucumber in the vagina and twisting it around for 20 minutes. It gained popularity among women as bloggers claimed that the high vitamin content of the vegetable can sanitise the vagina and leave a pleasant odour.

But gynaecologists don’t think so as they warn that it could increase risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease. One even described it as misogyny disguised as healthcare as vaginas aren’t dirty and ways to cleanse are capable of doing more harm.

4. Pearls

The bizarre trend of women inserting tea-bag-like balls in their vagina emerged out of a desire to clean the womb. The firm selling them claimed that these pearls contain ancient herbs to clean the uterus.

This too has been contested by gynaecologists who say that the vagina is capable of cleaning itself through natural secretions and doesn’t need a detox. What these pearls do is disturb good bacteria protecting the vagina and expose women to risk of infections.

5. Wasp nests

Another disturbing trend in the past year was women increasingly taking to putting wasp nests inside their vaginas. The practice was seen as a natural way to tighten the vagina after childbirth and clean the vagina.

But medics pointed out how it could lead to painful sex, increased risk of HIV and drying of vaginal mucosa causing abrasions during sex.

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