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Dr Namrata Jadwani: The Tooth Fairy Debunks Myths for Your Toddler's Oral Hygiene

Published : Oct 25, 2019, 11:21 am IST
Updated : Oct 25, 2019, 11:21 am IST

She is on a mission to debunk misconceptions related to oral health.

Dr Namrata Jadwani (Photo: File)
 Dr Namrata Jadwani (Photo: File)

For parents, the emergence of their child's first tooth is a milestone event. Even though it is a natural part of children's development, parents are often anxious about it. And because of the popular misconceptions about oral health among toddlers that continue to persist, it is essential to be in the know when it comes to myths about dental health in toddlers. Dr Namrata Jadwani, a reputed cosmetic dentist who considers herself a smile curator, has made it her life's mission to debunk all misconceptions attached to oral health.

This 32-year old Mumbai dentist set up her independent dental clinic 'The Smylist' in 2016, intending to combine her skills with the very best dental technology. She believes in conducting traditional procedures in an innovative yet optimal way, to eliminate dental phobia among her patients. Dr. Jadwani believes that it is necessary to find an experienced dentist for kids from the start, as that is how parents can establish a routine of healthy dental hygiene from the get-go.

Dr Jadwani insists that parents should schedule their toddlers' first dental examination either by age one or when the first tooth emerges. Since babies can develop cavities, thorough dental examinations from a young age can alleviate the risk of developing oral hygiene issues later. She wants parents to be observant about undesirable oral habits that could hamper the growth of their teeth. Habits like brushing incorrectly or incompletely need to be corrected when children are young. A trend that is unequivocally discouraged by dentists worldwide is thumb-sucking - a habit that can drastically change the natural alignment of the teeth, usually for the worse.

She also wants parents to be aware of their toddlers' sugar consumption - a significant factor contributing to tooth decay. According to Dr Jadwani, the critical thing to note here is that it is not the amount of sugar eaten but its duration of contact with the teeth that is a cause for concern. High-sugar foods cause oral bacteria to react and release acids that gradually erode the enamel, leading to cavities.

Also, one should note that losing baby teeth to tooth decay is entirely unacceptable. Milk teeth are designed to fall out eventually, but prematurely losing them can lead to a host of unnecessary dental issues - from inflamed gums to the eruption of crooked or malpositioned permanent teeth. The latter of which will require corrective orthodontics at a later date."Setting up a toddler with a healthy and comprehensive dental care routine is one of the best things a parent can do for their child. It is a lesson that they will adhere to for life, and subsequently lead one with little to no dental issues." concludes Dr. Namrata Jadwani.

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