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  Life   Health  26 Nov 2018

Life, Health, 26 Nov 2018

Here’s how you can get healthy, according to lifestyle icon Nawaz Modi Singhania

Nawaz Modi Singhania conducted a Calisthenics workout for participants of Yoga by the Bay on Sunday at Marine Drive.

26 Nov 2018 8:25 PM

Air pollution affects life expectancy worse than smoking, terrorism: Study

People are breathing air that represents a serious risk to their health.

26 Nov 2018 7:23 PM

Anabolic steroids linked to premature death in men

Here is what a new study has found.

26 Nov 2018 6:43 PM

Screening for colorectal cancer may benefit male patients

Here is what a new study has found.

26 Nov 2018 6:27 PM

Iron Deficiency Day: Madhuri Ruia shares tips on fitness and combating condition

Iron is needed to make haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen around the body.

26 Nov 2018 6:04 PM


Conjoined twins from Bhutan leave Australian hospital after being separated

The head of pediatric surgery Joe Crameri told reporters the twins had made an “excellent recovery” and were acting independently.

26 Nov 2018 10:19 AM

Chinese scientist says he helped make world's first gene-edited children

He said the parents involved declined to be identified or interviewed, and he would not say where they live or where the work was done.

26 Nov 2018 9:58 AM

Arthritis and diabetes may go hand in hand

A recent study has revealed that barriers to functional physical activity because of arthritis may be one of the causes of diabetes.

26 Nov 2018 12:05 AM