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  Life   Health  30 Oct 2018

Life, Health, 30 Oct 2018

Mothers should wait at least a year between pregnancies

Conceiving again too soon increases the risk of premature labour, stillbirth and even maternal death, scientists discover.

30 Oct 2018 7:34 PM

Here are foods you can have for breast cancer prevention

One can lower their risk for breast cancer by having the right foods.

30 Oct 2018 6:35 PM

Bigger brains increase cancer risk: Study

Find out why.

30 Oct 2018 6:22 PM

Gay couple make history: Carry same baby inside their bodies in new treatment

The treatment saw eggs being taken from Bliss, 36, and fertilised with donor sperm in the lab.

30 Oct 2018 3:57 PM

Here's how cancer spreads so easily through body

Study finds tumours push through blood vessels 200 times the force of ordinary cells.

30 Oct 2018 2:36 PM


Sex hormone oestrogen makes women more likely to become addicted to cannabis

Even as men are more likely to try it and take heavy doses due to testosterone; cannabis may quickly become a habit in case of women.

30 Oct 2018 1:13 PM

In Mexico, skull faces to scare away US-style Halloween

Photos show parade-goers wearing wild, colourful costumes and had their faces turned into that of death itself by expert body painters.

30 Oct 2018 12:59 PM

Better schools may reduce teens' risk of marijuana abuse

New study suggests that we really need to invest in creating healthy school environments especially for the most disadvantaged kids.

30 Oct 2018 11:21 AM

Baby 'sleep sacks' might be safer than blankets

Factors like using soft bedding, have been found to increase the risk of SIDS.

30 Oct 2018 11:11 AM

Tooth loss linked to malnutrition

The functional ability of an individual to consume an adequate diet may be adversely impacted.

30 Oct 2018 10:57 AM