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  Life   Health  30 Nov 2017

Life, Health, 30 Nov 2017

Controversial pelvic mesh implants banned in Australia over risks to patients

There is a “lack of adequate scientific evidence” that there were more benefits than risks to using them to treat urinary incontinence.

30 Nov 2017 8:11 PM

Prehistoric women were stronger than athletes of today

The findings suggest a "hidden history" of gruelling manual labour performed by women that stretched across millennia.

30 Nov 2017 8:03 PM

People travelling on underground metro may be exposed to cancer risk

Two major compounds found in airborne particulate are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and hexavalent chromium.

30 Nov 2017 7:42 PM

Rare condition causing leg to balloon thrice its size forces girl to live as a recluse

The swollen leg weighing 10 kg has left the child in pain.

30 Nov 2017 7:04 PM

Vitamin D deficiency at birth ups autism risk

Low level of Vitamin D at birth is linked to an increased risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) at the age of three.

30 Nov 2017 6:32 PM


Mental illness may be passed to offspring: study

Many studies have shown that traumatic exposures during pregnancy can have negative effects on offspring.

30 Nov 2017 6:21 PM

Baldness, premature greying may up heart disease risk: study

Men below 40 years of age who are going bald and dealing with premature greying are at five-fold risk of developing heart disease.

30 Nov 2017 6:03 PM

New, long-acting drugs hold hope for millions suffering from migraines, cut down frequency

The patient will know quickly if this is a drug for them and if not, move on to something else.

30 Nov 2017 2:01 PM


Exercise, good diet can keep arthritis at bay

Here is what a new study has found.

30 Nov 2017 10:08 AM

Finding blood in your urine could be early sign of prostate cancer

The risk of developing the disease increases with age.

30 Nov 2017 9:52 AM

Injectable gel could help regrow heart muscles after heart attack

The researchers used mouse models to demonstrate a new approach to restart replication in existing cardiomyocytes.

30 Nov 2017 9:36 AM

Diabetes reason behind rise in cancer cases worldwide: Study

Here is what a new study has found.

30 Nov 2017 9:13 AM