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  Life   More Features  03 Apr 2018

Life, More features, 03 Apr 2018

New app allows people to adopt and raise their own cat using augmented reality

The cat can also interact with real surroundings, but the downside is that you can’t cuddle with it since it exists only on the screen.

03 Apr 2018 8:06 PM

A collision with a bubble of negative energy will lead to the end of the universe

The series of events leading to this may have already been triggered off due to interactions with black holes.

03 Apr 2018 5:33 PM

Find out what was Stephen Hawking's final gift to the world

Late physicist's final act of kindness brought fans to tears as they learnt he had paid for huge Easter meal for homeless in Cambridge.

03 Apr 2018 3:39 PM

Disturbing footage shows man emptying Coca-Cola bottle to find dead mouse inside it

People on social media were alarmed as one user even commented that this was the second video of a mouse inside Coca-Cola he has seen.

03 Apr 2018 2:24 PM

Teenage boy rescued after being lost for 12 hours in Los Angeles sewage

Jesse Hernandez had been playing with other children on wooden planks when he fell about 25 feet and landed in fast-moving sewage.

03 Apr 2018 11:39 AM


Study finds chocolate production may be harming environment

Study finds it takes around 1,000 litres of water to produce just one chocolate bar.

03 Apr 2018 11:05 AM

Google Doodle celebrates freedom fighter Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay's birth anniversary

Known for persuading Mahatma Gandhi to call upon women to march with him in Independence Movement, it is Chattopadhyay’s 115th birthday.

03 Apr 2018 8:11 AM

Creating new horizons

Dabbling with writing books and being an entrepreneur Karan Puri seems to make a bold and unique statement.

03 Apr 2018 7:35 AM

Science 101

Nehru Planetarium is gearing up for a 40-day summer camp dedicated to learning science.

03 Apr 2018 12:56 AM

Nesting instinct in the garden

The outdoors soothes the soul. Green spaces and patios have turned classic and functional with furniture you can sink into...

03 Apr 2018 12:09 AM


Window dressing gets a makeover

Here are some fun and innovative ways by which you can make the view from your home a delightful experience.

03 Apr 2018 12:08 AM

No laughing matter

Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury, whose Parliamentary tenure ends soon, talks about being mocked at and insulted repeatedly by her male colleagues.

03 Apr 2018 12:05 AM