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Reflections don’t lie

Published : Aug 3, 2017, 12:32 am IST
Updated : Aug 3, 2017, 12:32 am IST

A mirror can reveal a lot about a person if examined closely and can also help one move towards a better and desirous future.

If we are wise we can use such feedback to our advantage or celebrate the better qualities we possess.
 If we are wise we can use such feedback to our advantage or celebrate the better qualities we possess.

For most of us the mirror is more likely a vanity fix to check if we are looking our flattering best and good enough to face the world. Little do we realise that the mirror and mirroring can be a valuable spiritual tool .The mirror reflects most accurately what the face — an index of the mind — reveals. Regardless of makeup or cosmetic touches, the tension lines, the anxieties, the inner emotions are all captured on the image that is reflected in a mirror. Like the candid camera ,whether it is fear, jealousy, anger, resentment or  the inner glow that emanates  from the heart, the mirror does not lie.

Looking at a mirror actually requires a lot of courage. Psychologically if you think you are looking old or haggard or simply tired you simply shy away from looking at yourself. But if you are confident that you are looking good  you do look at yourself again and again. The next time you take a peek at yourself in the mirror after you’ve done a cursory check, linger for a while longer and look deeper at what your face is telling you.

Louise Hay, well known author of Heal your life fame also has to her collection, a very practical manual on mirroring titled Mirror work — 21 days to heal your life. The book packs in numerous exercises that the reader can do with the help of a mirror primarily by repeating affirmations. Whether you are battling a condition like heartburn  or struggling to improve your self-image standing in front of the mirror and do some soul searching, ask questions like  ‘Where did this heartburn come from?’, ‘What is it trying to tell me?’, ‘Have I been eating the wrong foods?’, ‘What are the feelings I am experiencing?’ and then affirm ‘I love my body’, ‘I feed it nourishing and healthy food which it digests with joy’, ‘I allow it to rest when needed’ and finally sow intentions — ‘I have rid myself of all fears’ and follow this up with journaling and reflection. It is guaranteed to facilitate healing. For one it helps to stop, ponder and reflect at what might be at the root of the problem and two it paves the way for and presupposes healing, aided by the visualisations. Doing all this in front of the mirror reinforces the thoughts even more strongly to oneself.

The world around and the people in it (enemies and detractors included) can be our spiritual mirrors. While  we want to believe the image of who we think we are, very often even close family members can actually tell us exactly how we come across in a heated argument or in our weakest moments. If we are wise we can use such feedback to our advantage or celebrate the better qualities we possess.

Vastu and Feng Shui experts believe that the positioning of mirrors is very crucial to harmony and good fortune because anything a mirror reflects will be doubled. Which is why it is not a good idea to keep a mirror in front of toilet drains or clutter or kitchen flames. It is best if it can reflect views of nature, bring in light and create a feeling of space. (Do not fix a mirror in front of the main door as it will
reflect away positive energies). Some cultures believe mirrors are portals to another world and therefore keep mirrors covered when someone passes away. Likewise when a mirror breaks they believe the trapped spirits escape! Drawing symbols or pasting pictures of deities behind the mirrors affords protection.

The writer is a Reiki channel, yoga practitioner and a spiritual seeker

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