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Welcome new rapper to bollywood Lok Bista aka Loka (Loka Music)

Published : Sep 3, 2019, 12:30 pm IST
Updated : Sep 3, 2019, 12:30 pm IST

New rapper in town creates musical sensation.

Lok Bista aka Loka
 Lok Bista aka Loka

What makes Rappers so attractive and loved by young generations. Well, Many say their style, fresh looks and groovy music. But is it enough to create a name? NO Rappers are more than just new looks, fast music and all. There are the real performers of 21st century which can make a large number of people dance on their unique music, quick words and they refresh in you 10 min and make you dance with them on their tunes.

Indian music is also now covered by top Rappers in past one decade. We are seeing lots of Rappers who are giving chart-busters in movies and with their personal Albums. Cars, Girls, Gold and groovy music, is their USP.

One more champ is added in top Rappers list in India who looks like born Rapper - Lok Bista famous as Loka Music on YouTube. Lok Bista comes from dream city Mumbai, and he has many dreams in life too. He has made his way to top the list with his talent.

From concerts to parties or Albums, this young lad has made people dance on his music. People just love him, his cuteness and his music sense. His recent song Shot Deke Gayab has crossed 1.1 views and plays on YouTube. Wow, he has not even come into the mainframe and already creating records on YouTube and Instagram with his posts and Songs.

Lok Bista is currently seen in the famous MTv show called Splistvilla, where he is making girls crazy with his cute looks and lovely music. We feel he will win the show and hearts of everyone and we will also see him in many MTv shows as MTv loves this kind of talent. Splitsvilla is an excellent platform for him now people will know him better as a person and musician too.

It will be great to see how this young lad Lok Bista aka Loka - Loka music goes from here. Surely he is gonna make it really big because he has that extra in him which will attract many people towards him and his music.


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