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Man sells plastic bags with free marijuana on Craigslist

Published : Jan 4, 2017, 2:46 pm IST
Updated : Jan 4, 2017, 3:36 pm IST

Marijuana can be grown legally in Massachusettes but the selling it has been delayed till mid 2018.

Gifting up to one ounce of Marijuana is legal though (Photo: AP)
 Gifting up to one ounce of Marijuana is legal though (Photo: AP)

Boston: Sound business sense and salesmanship is all about being able to deliver what your clients want despite all kinds of obstacles. This might require a lot of effort and imagination when it comes to selling a product which isn’t supposed to be marketed.

Growing and possessing marijuana was legalised in Massachusetts in November after a ballot, but the governor signed a bill barring individuals from selling weed till mid 2018.

Sandwich bags have been a great way to carry around a quick bite at work or on a short trip, but an entrepreneur in Boston has come up with a novel idea to sell marijuana using these bags. He is selling these for $20 to $325, as they come with “free” marijuana inside.

While the strategy is clever since up to one ounce of marijuana can be legally gifted to someone, the seller went wrong since he advertised the gift on Craigslist.

After the North-western District Attorney David Sullivan described the ply as ridiculous and fraudulent on New England Public Radio and clarified how it’s illegal, the entrepreneur changed the description of his listing to,

“I’m not advertising free marijuana gifts. Oh no. I’m just saying that I’m awesome. E-mail me and we can go out for dinner. And talk more about the subject. smoke a fatty. And chill. I’m not advertising free marijuana gifts.”

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