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Did you know that colours play an important role in your personality?

Published : Jun 4, 2019, 6:44 pm IST
Updated : Jun 4, 2019, 6:44 pm IST

Your colour choices speak volume about your choices and preferences.

There is a striking relationship between human and colours. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)
 There is a striking relationship between human and colours. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

There is always an individual’s personal preference behind every colour they choose to paint their house with. And these colours somehow reflect either their emotion or their personality. For instance, you might have noticed that while orange relates to optimism and enthusiasm, blue soothes mind and soul.

Besides, it is no secret that different colours have different meanings in different countries. For example, many western countries see white as a colour of innocence and purity, whereas eastern countries like India consider it as the colour of peace.

This striking relation between humans and colours is called colour psychology, and as per research, it says a lot about one’s mood, behaviour or feelings. So, while some colours have the potential to boost the mood, others can trigger anxiety. Minal Srivastava, Vice President, Growth, Strategy and Marketing, Shalimar Paints shares how colour choices give an insight into an individual’s personality.

Yellow – For some people, yellow is quite energetic and cheerful and then there are those who find it the main cause of anxiety and fatigue. This aspect of yellow is generally related to the brighter shades, whereas the soft hues are usually considered very calming to the eyes and are definitely easier to live with. On the other hand, some theories also say that lovers of this colour are mostly enveloped by mood swings or are highly impulsive.

Red – We have largely known red as a colour of passion and romance. Many individuals, however, see it as a colour that signifies ambition or even confidence. Research says that a person who loves red are usually very competitive, going for the best, instead of settling for the second best. While some theories also say that such people are true achievers of their dreams, other theories reveal that they are dominating in nature.

Orange – Orange is not always related to the fruit but it speaks a lot about the upbeat nature of humans, especially who never give up or lose hope. These people are highly energetic, fun loving and quite inspiring. It is a great colour choice that goes perfect with both interiors and the exteriors.

Black – While for ages, the colour black has signified prestige and power, it has also shown the secretive side of humans. Studies say that those who love black usually follow emotions, rather than logic. Although black was regarded as a colour for rich people in the medieval times that purely implied royalty and luxury, the trend has come back again, and apparently, people are widely accepting it as a classy colour, especially to paint their exteriors.

Purple – Although purple significantly promotes kindness and creativity, it has health benefits too. For instance, it helps people in getting rid of migraine tension, as per studies. Apart from these aspects, it is also associated with spirituality and wisdom. Other studies say that people either love purple or purely hate it. However, since it is the combination of red and blue, it signifies both elegance and royalty, a fact we can’t deny about purple!

Blue – One of the popular warm colours, blue is regarded as the perfect choice for individuals who have an introvert character. It is serene and has the power to soothe your mind and soul while creating an exceptionally friendly atmosphere at home. Not only this, but it also helps improve the focus of an individual and thus accelerate productivity; regardless of the nature of the work. For instance, it can be either washing clothes or studying.

White – There is no doubt that white gives a pure and clean look to the interiors. But it is always advisable to use it in combination with other neutral colours to amplify its elegance. Plus this colour has the potential to give a calming effect to the home interiors without competing with other colours, making a home look fresher and spacious. For an individual, white signifies a neat and hygienic personality with a pinch of carefulness in terms of nature.

Every colour is unique in itself and sometimes seem more elegant when mixed with other colours. Speaking of how it is related to an individual’s personality, it doesn’t always hold true. Just like scientific facts exist, theories have an influence too in the lives of humans.

What is true and what is not about colours, shouldn’t be the argument. Rather, one should always choose the colour, which goes best with their house in terms of other important aspects, and not only based on one’s personality.

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