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Cheeky Hema Malini comment tickles the wags

Published : Aug 4, 2018, 12:52 am IST
Updated : Aug 4, 2018, 12:52 am IST

She may have been back in her ‘Dream Girl’ avatar when speaking of a CM post.

Hema Malini
 Hema Malini

Hema Malini may have broken the internet with her comment that she could become CM in a minute if she wanted. She confessed she was not too keen. Maybe, Yogi Adityanath had a reason to feel relieved since the BJP politician-actress is an MP from his state (Mathura). But twitterati had fun at her expense asking whether she meant to be CM of some other state, say Jammu & Kashmir since there is a vacancy there at the moment. Having made a few gaffes in her career as an MP, Hema Malini, of the famous smooth cheeks once considered a model for national highways, seems none the wiser for the experience. She may have been back in her ‘Dream Girl’ avatar when speaking of a CM post.

Hema Malini wasn’t the only one to be the butt of jokes and criticism. Omar Abdullah got virtually trolled too for asking the question about his state as he is seen as a dynastic politician as opposed to the ones from the ranks of the BJP. The debate veered towards the serious about the dynasts versus the others in Indian politics, inevitably dragging in the Gandhis into the discussion. But that is the beauty of the Internet platforms where anything goes for those who come there to pass time or get serious about making a point or scoring one over others. There were no conclusions to be drawn from the debate but this trip was one of humour and disdain for those in power.


payal bhayana @payalbhayana
Change in J&K also like Pakistan ... Dynasty rule wil be over in Kashmir too!

JaVid AhMad AhanGer @1947Ahangery
yes as Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was made CM in 1975 that too without member of assembly so she too can become. If NC leaders and PDP Congress leaders can become there is no wrong in her....u all r in same category

Sanjaykumar @Sanjay k56382160
no sir j&k is reserved for dynasty of Abdullah or mufti! jk apki bapauti hai omar saheb! Even common kashmiri can't dream to be cm of j&k!

Alex Victor Rath @Alex VictorRath1
There was a fighter aircraft coloured pink named HEMA when Hema was in her peak in Bollywood. Is she now the most watched in politics even to just air her dreaming mind to become a chief minister?

IndianfromSouth @insideout009
And there's the other side of the coin where lots of sons could not make a mark (or hold onto) on their fathers footsteps

Vikalp Singh@Mirror1508
The only reason why you become CM of J&K is because your are son of Ex CM. You are nothing without your father and your family name on the other hand Hema Malini is self-made woman

Jaspreet Singh @jaspreet20
CM of Ramgarh probably. Gabbar is no longer wreaking havoc there. Safe to go back and take charge?

Adv Neelofar Masood. @AdvNeelofarMaso
Dreamgirl.......never knows dreams are to be followed and achieved in 2 minutes noodles/eggs are cooked while as CM-SHIP is not a recipe or an easy cup of tea...

I don't see any talent in the cinema actors no matter who he/she is. But one thing is clear that at least she doesn't have god fathers like you who is in politics perhaps solely because of your father who's own story is no different than yours

Why trolling her, unlike you, she has her own identity... No one knows Omar, if Abdullah is not there.... We already have one rahulpappu, don't be another

Manas Ram@Manas_Ram
Seriously @OmarAbdullah ? At this crucial juncture? A pretty actress and a stern director, which way would J&K go?

Mohanan Nair @Mohan MNair
Why ? Are you feeling threatened? The Abdullahas and Muftis failed to win the hearts of J&K people, it is worth trying someone else

Danish Bhat @Daanish_Bhat
All that it needs is a good script and a director. Wish you luck Hema ji

ganesh nadar @ganeshnadar12
TWhy not @OmarAbdullah at least she will be in India and not London

Sunil Saraswat@15sunilsaraswat
No... only hopeless and treacherous dynasties can give CMs to J & K to loot and destroy it

Flying Fox@kottapuram
Sir, she will give you and your father a run for your money if allowed to govern J&K. She has a progressive and open mindset

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