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Food Market: 4 Things that make SITARA a spot for prudent consumers of food

Published : Nov 6, 2019, 12:13 pm IST
Updated : Nov 8, 2019, 12:57 pm IST

In spite of the FMCG sector gaining momentum with switching lifestyles, customary beats the contemporary.

Satisfying every soul which craves to eat homely food is our maxim says SreekanthBolla, CEO of SITARA FOODS.
 Satisfying every soul which craves to eat homely food is our maxim says SreekanthBolla, CEO of SITARA FOODS.

In spite of the FMCG sector gaining momentum with switching lifestyles, customary beats the contemporary! Over the last few decades, chemical additives and preservatives to foods has skyrocketed and still there is one company which ensures that native, authentic and traditional food products are prepared and served with a special ingredient added to it and that is your - “Granny’s Love and Care”. When all companies are trying to expand and grow by offering products at a lesser price compromising with quality and chemical additives for shelf life increment, SITARA FOODS is a one-stop-shop to choose the right products for you and your loved ones as they are home-made, hand-made, preservative free, additive free, 100 per cent natural.  The tale of Sitara’s success is clear evidence to the fact that anyone and everyone can plan tasty, quick meals with slightly developed food skills and a knack to prepare the right shopping list for their family. 

From the most sophisticated technologies used to build SITARA FOODS website to accepting 106 currencies during payment and prompt shipping of traditional food products to over 106 countries by having a partnership with DHL & Fedexis their uniqueness and speciality. They give the customer a truly awesome, satisfying and blazing fast experience while using their website to order food products.  All traditional foods from non-veg pickles, veg pickles, karampodis to powders & masalas, conventional sweets & hot, vadiyalus and fryums to organic laddus & organic pure A2 bilona ghee, they just have all the mouth-watering dishes, hand-made with utmost care.  The major aspects which you should not miss about SITARA FOODS are:

Authentic Taste:

Where people hesitate to spend time for cooking in the busy world, food companies try to make use of this situation to earn loads of money, through their tactical marketing strategy. But, there are very few companies like Sitara Foods who use traditional methods like stone grinding chili powder & turmeric powder, milling their own oil and avoiding pointless use of machinery in the food products making process and stand out of the crowd by not compromising on the quality and taste with maximum customer support. 

Rural employment:

No other FMCG company can match their appreciable efforts to find the right kind of local farmers from whom they source their ingredient sand that at the best market price to support farmers. Apart from this SITARA FOODS employs the local, rural women in their food products making process.  They give more of a touch of love, care and extra taste to all their products, specifically to mention – pootharekulu (the Andhra famous paper sweet), chicken pickle from their non vegetarian pickles category and mango pickle, the famous Andhra avakai from their vegetarian pickles category with separate facilities for the making of veg and non veg products. They also have pickles without garlic to cater to the needs of those who wish Jain food or vegan food & other customers that does not prefer garlic in their food intake.

Quick yet healthy:

Sitara Foods is the place where “Food magic is made real”. It has the safest products that every pregnant woman can consume and is also enjoyed safely by kids to elderly alike.  Moreover, it is an obvious fact that the special pregnancy delicacies are pickles and eland havadai (regivada) or what you call the Indian pancake made from ber fruit. When you feel tired of cooking, their food products acts like a perfect rescuer to not skip your delicious yet healthy meal made quickly. Just mix a spoon of Sitarachicken pickle or instant powders in your steamed rice and fry a few vadiyalus or fryums, a yummy meal is ready!

Worldwide market:

Sreekanth Bolla, CEO of SITARA FOODS, Proudly says“If you can see the one company which has helped the Indians abroad to keep their taste buds alive with the traditional food that is Sitara”. They have in fact won the hearts and minds of most of the NRI's across the globe making sure it’s products can reach any part of the world with the click of a button.  All food products from Sitara are saviors for bachelor’s who stay away from their family.

Quality, taste and customer support is never a compromise at

The company wishes to grow big to be Cadbury of Traditional Indian food products and Haldirams of South India.  On the whole SITARA FOODS has the capability to keep your body more close and blended with nature and tradition through their quality products which keeps you Hale and healthy, They have few rare food items available which were cherished by last few generations and which are never even heard of by current generation, they call it the buck list items, try at least once before god pulls the plug.  You must give it a try, shopping online at SITARA FOODS is a blazing fast experience.

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