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Here are 5 types of furniture to make your work life easy

Published : Dec 7, 2018, 12:26 pm IST
Updated : Dec 7, 2018, 12:26 pm IST

Selection of office furniture depends on kind of work expected from employees, amount of space available and budget.

There are five types of furniture which are essential part of making work life easier by increasing functionality.
 There are five types of furniture which are essential part of making work life easier by increasing functionality.

Furniture adds functionality to the décor and artistic appeal to the ambience. In an office setting, furniture selection is based on two main criteria- one, furniture should complement the theme of the brand/ office setting; and second, that it adds value to the office space by increasing its functionality and productivity of the employees.

While selecting the office furniture it is important to make the right macro decisions so that it makes work life easier. Interior designing of an office cannot stay stagnant which means it requires constant renovation. With the right kind of furniture, small shifts or change in the office setting eliminates the dependence on interior designers. The selection of office furniture is also highly dependent on the kind of work expected from employees, the amount of space available to arrange that furniture and the budget available for investment in the office furniture.

There are five types of furniture which are essential part of making work life easier by increasing functionality -

Truly Modular Furniture:  Tables that are not welded internally are increasingly being preferred because the furniture becomes easier to shift around. So that when one needs to reconfigure the furniture setting, it can be done without including any hardware changes. But this kind of setting is highly dependent on the permanency of employees and work deliverables. Modular furniture pieces add flexibility to office designs. In case of start-ups, such furniture adds sensibility to the design because it provides room for expansion as and when required.

Ask for Aluminium Furniture:  Furniture is a long-term investment, especially in offices where durability is an essential feature. Aluminium furniture has major advantages over other types because aluminium as a metal is corrosion resistant, lightweight and it can be recycled making it environment friendly. Its extruded form gives the most consistent finish and quality as opposed to steel. So, aluminium furniture is not only comfortable for the staff to use, it also reduces the chances of furniture damage, which causes a drain on resources.

Invest in good seating (chairs): People today spend eight to ten hours every day at their office in front of their desktops. In the service industry, people spend more time sitting on their chairs than walking. It is important to invest in good seating system for the well-being of employees so a certain amount of budget should be allocated to buy good-quality chairs for the office. But good chairs need not cost an arm and leg for employers. There are many Indian furniture manufacturers that produce excellent seating systems that are available at economical range. Investing in office chairs is a decision which needs to be taken after constant deliberations. Choose a trusted manufacturer who is well-reputed in the industry, and also provides excellent customer support and service.

Proper Task Lighting makes all the difference: Natural light is not a source which may be necessarily available to every employee at their seat. Integrated furniture lightening helps illuminate the desk and the space around it. This is essential to keep up productivity at work because it helps to keep the staff alert, focused and happy. Poor sources of light cause eye strain and headaches, that if continued for long term can have many negative effects on the health of people. These days, leading furniture manufacturers are building light sources into the furniture itself which helps to free up the limited desk space. 

Make room to relax: Office space is always limited especially in case of start-ups. But it is important to use the given amount of space in a productive way. A break room is an essential part of an office setting. Even the smallest office needs to have a makeshift break room where the staff can go to take a break and relax. For this purpose a couple of pieces of furniture such as a small lounge chair and a side table are enough. They can be placed near a window where people can sit and enjoy their tea while taking in the view. This is possible in a traditional office setting. Modern companies are investing in contemporary office designs where Google-esq office culture has led to intentionally blurred lines between a working desk and a collaboration area. Such a design offers its own benefits, the major one being that it allows people to work in an environment which offers a stress-free setting without adding the element of distraction. 

The article has been authored by Hersh Pitroda, Co-founder of Burosys.

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