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Creativity Complemented

Published : Dec 7, 2019, 12:35 am IST
Updated : Dec 7, 2019, 12:35 am IST

Bringing many artists under one roof, a lively exhibition in the capital explored themes of love, creativity, empathy and peace.

A visitor examines a painting on display
 A visitor examines a painting on display

Art, poetry, storytelling and more: Inner Konnect Art presented its second edition of ‘Verve De L’Art’ in the capital. The theme of this exhibition focussed on different categories such as ‘Peace, not war’, ‘Creativity, not destruction’, ‘Empathy, not hate, ‘Generosity, not greed’ and ‘Everybody, not just us’.

The curator of the exhibition, Gaurav Chawla says, “Verve De L’Art means passion for art and, in this exhibition, we wished to showcase a community of artists skilled in different kinds of art forms such as poetry, dance, music, storytelling and more. As a community, we wanted like-minded artists to come together and inspire each other. To enjoy or criticise with an open mind, without being judgmental about it.”


In what was the second edition of the exhibition, author discussions explored the topic ‘The life we live and the choices we make’. One of the authors, Harshali Singh says, “The lives we live are directly proportional to the choices we make. Women face worse consequences compared to men when it comes to similar choices being made by both due to gender roles defined by the society.” She also talked about a theme of the exhibition, ‘Peace not war’. “Love is pertinent and should be reiterated again and again in loud voices as this seems to be the need of the hour.”

Being a curator is difficult and it comes with its own set of challenges. “As there were many artists displaying different kinds of works, it was challenging for me to take them together and maintain that balance,” shares Gaurav. “I also had to make sure that everyone’s work looks good.”

Gaurav was not only the curator but also one of the painters in the exhibition. Elaborating, he says that he generally works with abstract work, which is based on spirituality, using the medium acrylic on canvas.

Artist Bharti Verma, one of the artists who exhibited at the event, displayed her paintings that are a part of an ongoing series called ‘The Witches Of Eden’ and are a set of landscapes that Verma has been painting for sometime now. “I work with acrylic on canvas as I find it a very receptive medium to work. Since I work constantly with the flow of ideas, acrylic becomes a perfect medium as it dries quickly.” The artist also shares that she prefers black and white as she feel they brings a lot of depth to her work. These two colours for her are limitless and timeless, just as she believes her works are.

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