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  Life   More Features  08 Mar 2018

Life, More features, 08 Mar 2018

Painful trend involves people getting fingers pierced instead of wearing wedding rings

The trend seems to be a way to show commitment in a relationship but many found it disturbing.

08 Mar 2018 7:48 PM

Viral footage shows orangutan smoking cigarette in zoo

The images of 22-year-old Bornean orangutan Ozon at the zoo in Bandung, about 150 kilometres (93 miles) southeast of Jakarta, went viral.

08 Mar 2018 7:03 PM

French newspaper charges men more on Women's Day

For the same job, women are estimated to be paid nine percent less.

08 Mar 2018 5:05 PM

In #MeToo era, some question need for 'car girls' at shows

There are still women draped on cars as we walk around the show. (Photo: Pixabay)

08 Mar 2018 3:52 PM

Stabbing voodoo dolls of bosses may boost staff morale: study

Symbolically retaliating against an abusive boss can benefit employees psychologically by allowing them to restore their sense of justice.

08 Mar 2018 3:42 PM


PETA awards Grihalakshmi for highlighting importance of human breast milk

On International Women's Day, PETA India Award Commends Magazine for Celebrating Breast-Feeding.

08 Mar 2018 2:40 PM

Drunk husband using mortar bomb as sex toy ends up killing wife

Meanwhile the man says that he only remembers his wife telling him to use household objects as sex toys.

08 Mar 2018 2:39 PM

Jupiter's mystery jet-streams run deeper than thought: study

Its north pole is dominated by a central cyclone surrounded by eight circumpolar cyclones.

08 Mar 2018 1:44 PM

International Women's Day 2018: 5 places around world where women rule

While the world celebrated International Women's Day, we take a look at five places which are exclusively ruled by women.

08 Mar 2018 10:26 AM

These apps can ease your commute on International Women’s Day 2018

This Women's Day, here are some corporates and start-ups that have pledged to make travel a lot safer for women.

08 Mar 2018 8:31 AM


Here’s how Google is celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 with doodle

Google got in contact with 12 female artists from all manner of backgrounds to share their personal stories for International Women's Day.

08 Mar 2018 8:15 AM

2018: Year of the Dog

So, every year type comes once in sixty years. 2018 is an earth dog year.

08 Mar 2018 7:11 AM

Vroomful of vintage

Classic cars and so much more, this Delhi honcho is behind a historical automotive gallery that will open soon.

08 Mar 2018 6:58 AM

Ladies’ day out

Joining in the spirit of celebration is 1441 Pizzeria offering a buy one get one free on all pizza orders.

08 Mar 2018 12:01 AM