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Rainy Day Adventures

Published : Jun 8, 2018, 12:26 am IST
Updated : Jun 8, 2018, 12:26 am IST

Plus, you get to cook your own food on an open fire and get a chance to play in the nearby waterfalls.

A family has fun in a tent
 A family has fun in a tent

With heavy showers, chilly winds and flooded streets, the monsoon has made its presence felt in the city. This damp, bleak season makes you want to curl up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea and pakodas. Yet, it is also the perfect season for exploring the outdoors. To help city dwellers feel adventurous this monsoon, various organisations are hosting activities like camps and marathons around the city. Here are some of the unique ones:

If you want to beat monsoon laziness, the best way to do so is to go for a run. But, since city roads are congested with vehicles, the next best location seems to be the hills. Run Buddies brings to you First Monsoon Marathon, a non-competitive event that encourages people to step out and run in the rain. One can choose to run five, 10 or 15 km stretches, or opt to run the half marathon, which is 21 km. When asked about the difficulty level of the marathon, Nikhil Shah, a volunteer at Run Buddies, says, “Anybody can run a five-kilometre marathon. Usually when families come for this event, one member tries to run for 21 km, while kids or grandparents usually go for 5 km.” The marathon will start at the base of Prabalgad, which is located between Panvel and Matheran.  


This marathon is unique because of its timing. After all, how often have we heard of marathons being held during the monsoons? Nikhil says, “We don’t get enough opportunities to go and enjoy the rains. As kids, we would go out and run in the rain, but as adults, we no longer do this.” Participants who have never attempted such a rainy day feat worry about hurting themselves or catching a cold. Nikhil, however, says that one need not worry about these things. The organisation does have an ambulance and physiotherapist present in case of emergencies.

If running in the rains does not get you excited, maybe something more relaxing, like camping, will do the trick. A two-day monsoon camp, organised by Heart & Soil is ideal for parents and children. As children in this day and age spend more time online than outdoors, helping them explore nature through camps like these seems like the perfect solution. The two-day camp is to be held at a lush green campsite in Karnala and the founder of Heart & Soil, Nehal Shah, says that a host of fun-filled activities await the adventurous camper. One can enjoy a real camping experience by learning how to pitch tents, and then living in them. Plus, you get to cook your own food on an open fire and get a chance to play in the nearby waterfalls.

Nehal shares how such activities help strengthen the bond between parent and child. She says, “When a parent and child spend time outdoors doing different activities, they live in the moment and create wonderful memories. These experiences add a lot of fun to their relationship and mtivate them to spend more time with each other. It also helps them develop love for nature.” This camp also includes a trek to Karnala Bird Sanctuary as well as a fun treasure hunt game. When asked to share a tip for those eager to explore camping, Nehal says, “Be open-minded and have fun. Nature is the best teacher and if you are open to new experiences you will learn and enjoy.”

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