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  Life   More Features  08 Nov 2017

Life, More features, 08 Nov 2017

Oscar is a cat of the world but he didn't like flying

On two nonstop flights, he curled up in a ball for hours on end, damp to the touch.

08 Nov 2017 8:55 PM

Man hopes to father dead wife's child using school friend as a surrogate

"I still talk to Emmy every day. I like to think she's somewhere, looking down and checking in and listening."

08 Nov 2017 6:32 PM

'Put down those smartphones!' pope tells bishops

"It's so sad when I'm celebrating mass here or inside the basilica and I see lots of phones held up."

08 Nov 2017 5:22 PM

Book Review: Life unravels as fate plays myriad roles

Subhashish Dey’s debut novel makes for an intriguing read as a hired killer develops a conscience leading to a strange string of events.

08 Nov 2017 5:01 PM

Getting a cat could prevent asthma in children

Contrary to popular belief, a cat in the house is good for infants born with a gene that makes them more susceptible to the condition.

08 Nov 2017 3:17 PM


Sheep trained to recognise Emma Watson, Barrack Obama!

Due to their relatively large size of their brains and their longevity, sheep are a good for studying neurodegenerative disorders.

08 Nov 2017 2:30 PM

Dogs are colour blind: study

Previous research has shown that dogs have poor vision, and are up to eight times worse than humans at seeing things in detail.

08 Nov 2017 2:00 PM

Enraged Thai woman throws baby from 17th floor because boyfriend left her for wife

20-year-old Netchanok Nokyungton, was apparently devastated when her lover from South Korea found out she was pregnant and left her.

08 Nov 2017 1:02 PM

Man suffers stroke after rough neck massage

Tests revealed patient suffered an anterior cerebral artery infarction which is the major vessel transporting blood to the frontal lobes.

08 Nov 2017 12:10 PM

Twitter reacts as demonetisation turns one

A year has passed since PM Modi announced demonetisation, people are still divided in their opinion.

08 Nov 2017 10:11 AM


Loo & behold!

The bathroom just got luxe with these spa-liciously uber gadgets!

08 Nov 2017 12:52 AM

SOIL-iloquy of home blossoms

Terrace gardens are the soul of urban homes, and we got a design and home expert to explore this lush green world of organics.

08 Nov 2017 12:52 AM

City turns into birder’s paradise

From Afghanistan to Siberia, birds from across the world are flocking to the city for the winter.

08 Nov 2017 12:43 AM