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Poor little, rich celebs

Published : May 11, 2018, 12:28 am IST
Updated : May 11, 2018, 12:28 am IST

Stars consider it fashionable to talk about their financial struggles once they achieve success. But are fans believing them?

Priyanka Upendra
 Priyanka Upendra

Not all celebrities are born in the lap of luxury. For some the journey to success has been paved with financial challenges. And stars today have no qualms in talking about their middle-class upbringing and the hardships they have endured. Actor Ranveer Singh gained immense popularity ever since he joined Bollywood. But, recently he was slammed on Twitter due to a statement he made during an interview. He said that his family did not have a lot of money while growing up, and his parents had to save a lot of money for their annual summer holidays abroad. Irked by his comments many people on Tiwtter slammed with him with hashtags like #YoRanveerSoPoor, while others pointed out the irony in his statement. Similarly Actress Parineeti Chopra too was pulled up by a school mate when the actor confessed at a graduation ceremony that she would cycle to school as they were not wealthy. Her former classmates on Facebook refuted this claim and insisted that the actress came from a well off family and that went viral. Media Moghul Oprah Winfrey who has often claimed that her family was poor was called ‘spoilt’ by her cousin Catherine Carr Esters. Sandalwood actress Priyanka Upendra says, “My husband, actor Upendra, has openly spoken about his struggles in the industry and about how he has made it from scratch.   He would have done that to inspire people who are not as privileged as others, and tell them that life works out eventually. Now, with social media there are so many opinions out there and it is not possible to stop someone from expressing what they feel.  When celebrities share such stories, they want to show people that they have also endured hardships. Many people think that celebrities lead perfect lives which is not the case.”

Concurring with her, psychologist Anika SJ says, “To achieve success, one has to work really hard. It is only the celeb who knows his or her turmoil, struggles and challenges. It is essential for us to respect confessions made by celebs and be sensitive till you know the truth.”

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