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Let’s get pantsdrunk

Published : Jun 12, 2018, 12:28 am IST
Updated : Jun 12, 2018, 12:28 am IST

The self-care trend of enjoying me-time at home, enjoying a drink in one’s underwear.

While many are welcoming the trend, some aren’t so enthusiastic about drinking alone.
 While many are welcoming the trend, some aren’t so enthusiastic about drinking alone.

Päntsdrunk is a quirky self-care trend for all who are tired and longing to chill at home. While it’s the Finnish who came up with the idea, what is now their nationally celebrated pastime, much like the hygge and lagom trend, the social media is buzzing Päntsdrunk — anglicised word for the Finnish kalsarikänni, a term that literally means “drinking at home, alone, in your underwear”.

“I like the idea of chilling at home with a drink of my choice,” shares Nalini, a student (name changed). Talking about the change in drinking trends, she adds, “Girls these days love a glass of wine or beer, or other drinks too. And it is so important to spend some quality me-time to understand ourselves better and take a moment and just breathe without thinking about anything or anyone.”


Arunima Lahiri, 56, a communication consultant, loves this new wellness trend. “I think it is a positive trend to come out of the closet and agree that enjoying a drink is not gender specific. As a mother of two young adults, I drink along with kids during any family function or celebration. Also, at my age, I find it tiresome to brave the traffic and suffer the high decibel music and pretend I am having a good time. While drinking alone one tends to drink less and enjoy more rather than at a boisterous setting at a pub.”

For someone like Indrajit Ghoshal, co-founder of Poetry Darbaar, who opts for alone time, it’s a boon in disguise. “I find alone time rejuvenating and it helps me strategise my forthcoming days and schedules better. We have evolved as a society and especially, in upper middle class and higher, it’s a practice practice to bond with your family over wine or a drink. Food and drinks create a friendly, casual atmosphere where everyone is at ease and respect each other and celebrate, which becomes the perfect antidote to the hectic work schedule after slogging the entire day and chasing targets. With the world becoming a global village, any differences or biases is overridden and what matters is the vibe that one experiences.”


While hard liquor has been broadly associated with men, recent films like Veere Di Wedding have opened up the space for women to enjoy it as much as men in both open and closed spaces. A glass of wine or beer, be it while reuniting with friends, for a family dinner or even to de-stress yourself is a much-welcomed change.

“Movies like Veere Di Wedding are definitely a shot in the arm for women as it empowers them in many ways, both subtle and in your face. Today’s women are more independent, self-assured and know exactly what they want, without compromising on their core values. There is likely to be a surge in such movies, which are feministic, liberal, breaking free from age-old rituals,  explores women’s rights in all spheres of lives, in days to come,” shares Urvashi, an MCA student.


Nalini believes that everyone has the right to enjoy their downtime their way. “For some individuals, it is reading a book and enjoying a glass of wine after a hectic schedule. For some, it is going out clubbing or shopping. Women have been enjoying themselves like this for quite sometime and films are just bringing these ideas into the awareness of others.”

While many are welcoming the trend, some aren’t so enthusiastic about drinking alone. “It’s a good trend but I would prefer to go out with friends and chill out after working the whole week. Drinking alone sometimes becomes depressing for me. At times I drink alone but only when I am really very tired or upset,” says Deepa Medhi, a PR professional.


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