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Get rid of Valentine blues

Published : Feb 13, 2018, 5:15 am IST
Updated : Feb 13, 2018, 5:17 am IST

The Valentine’s Day brings with it a joyous as well as a cruel spirit.

A scene from the popular series FRIENDS
 A scene from the popular series FRIENDS

While couples are excited about the Valentine’s Day deals and offers, those who are heartbroken or even single by choice  won’t feel left out as the city has something for every soul.

Valentine blues have always been real and hit many people hard for as long as the festival has been celebrated in its modern form. While some people are lucky and find their desired partners, others might still be searching. The Valentine’s Day brings with it a joyous as well as a cruel spirit. Emotions such as love, hatred, revenge, grief, depression and even anger, surface as people are reminded of their fights, quarrels and break-ups with their former partner. However, the city is now opening its arms even for those with a blue heart on this occasion. We explore the other side of the celebration.

Manish Sharma, owner of Molecule has come up with a classic ritual for the day. He says, “You can celebrate true love by paying tribute to the memories of your ex. Get the picture of your ex partner and bid a final bye to them. This tribute shall get you a complimentary beer at our place.”

There are many other concepts to drive away the blues. Umang Tewari, owner at The Junkyard Café, says, “Valentine’s Day celebrates love and what if you love  single hood? We, have special offers and packages for people who are single. I feel you should not be depressed if you are single. In fact, you have more reasons to party as you are on the look out for a partner. You can enjoy a treasure chest of crafted cocktails if you are single and we even have a cocktail named ‘Single by Choice’.”

A Valentine special pizza being offered at Gastronomica 444A Valentine special pizza being offered at Gastronomica

Kanishk Tuteja also believes that celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner is very overrated. “We at Nukkad cafe and bar believe in celebrating with friends. There are people on this earth that allow you to be on your own. They are called friends. If you visit our café with a group of your friends, you can enjoy a specially curated —‘Friends Valentine menu’. It has special dishes to bring out the nostalgia and childhood memories — like pakora, samosa, Maggi,” he says.

Rahul Singh, founder of The Beer Cafe, believes that Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with cheesy, pretentious celebrations in the name of love. “Valentine’s Day is just another apocryphal jamboree in the name of love. We believe in keeping it real. Being comfortable enough in the relationship and not make unnecessarily extravagant gestures is what we want to highlight with our #Unromanticise campaign. The idea is to break free of the established mushy conventions of what love means by giving our patrons a chance to take a pot-shot at ‘Screw Cupid’ and avail spectacular offers on food and drinks with every dart that lands true. After all, there is no love greater than the shared love for the brew,” he signs off.

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