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  Life   More Features  14 Jun 2018

Life, More features, 14 Jun 2018

Bizarre: Woman gets head stuck in exhaust pipe

The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office says the woman was cited for underage drinking and escorted from the festival once she was freed.

14 Jun 2018 9:41 PM

World Cup 2018: Robbie Williams shows middle finger at opening ceremony performance

Football fans took to Twitter after noticing him stick his middle finger up when leaving the pitch following his performance.

14 Jun 2018 9:19 PM

Science Says: What happens when researchers make mistakes

“Retractions are definitely on the rise” and there are 10 times as many corrections as retractions.

14 Jun 2018 6:44 PM

It would only take 100 nuclear bombs to cause global devastation, world has 15,000

Researchers have estimated that it would take 100 nuclear weapons would be enough to put a nation past its tipping point if used.

14 Jun 2018 6:39 PM

For sea urchins, beauty lies in the 'feet' of beholder

Ordinarily, sea urchins move towards dark areas in order to seek cover.

14 Jun 2018 6:32 PM


Raccoon conquers skyscraper; Americans breathe easier

It’s not unusual for raccoons to climb fairly tall trees and other structures.

14 Jun 2018 6:26 PM

Religious people may live four years longer than atheists: Study

Religious affiliation had nearly as strong an effect on longevity as gender does, which is a matter of years of life.

14 Jun 2018 4:26 PM

Dhaka musician plays guitar as Bengaluru surgeons operate on his brain

A video of the procedure, has, since then, been shared by one of the doctors, and has gone viral.

14 Jun 2018 3:34 PM

Here’s what your toes say about your personality

Foot readers claim that they’re able to get a glimpse of a person’s character simply by taking a look at their foot.

14 Jun 2018 3:09 PM

Historic Welsh town says it is ‘plastic-free’ by hanging up 10ft plastic banner

The town has been mocked for the 10ft banner hanging from a 13th century archway in Chepstow, Montmouthshire

14 Jun 2018 2:47 PM


Climate change accelerating rise in sea levels: Study

The surveys also demonstrated that similar basal channel-driven transverse fractures occur elsewhere in Greenland and Antarctica.

14 Jun 2018 2:30 PM

PETA India urges McDonald's to introduce a McVegan burger, Sonu Sood endorses move

Thousands of individuals have also sent messages to McDonald's India via the group's website asking the company to offer a McVegan burger.

14 Jun 2018 2:11 PM

Shocking: Man claims to have fed his own amputated leg to friends in tacos

Man who had his foot amputated after accident in 2016 saved it so that he could make some tacos for 10 of his most open-minded friends.

14 Jun 2018 1:44 PM

From Russia to India: Tale of 2 soulmates who fought all odds to be together

An unlikely love story unfolded on the shores of India between a Russian artist and an Indian photographer.

14 Jun 2018 1:19 PM

Twitter gets flooded with love stories

Love is in the air.

14 Jun 2018 9:50 AM


Tackling our planet’s problems, with help from outer space

All this activity is being fuelled by the fact that space is now a cornerstone of our modern society.

14 Jun 2018 7:42 AM

The mind and body conundrum

Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro is of the latter echelon, and wonderfully interactive in nature.

14 Jun 2018 6:53 AM

Mom-daughter twinning

Mom-and-me fashion is making a comeback with celebs and their daughters sporting matching outfits.

14 Jun 2018 6:37 AM

A little bit of everything

Preeti Nambiar is a finance strategist with a penchant for theatre.

14 Jun 2018 6:35 AM

Let’s build strong support for elders and stop elder abuse

Institutional care provisions for older people must also deliver quality care and stop abuse and neglect.

14 Jun 2018 2:04 AM