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Kamz Inkzone, an inspiration to the youth, getting their dreams inked on the skin

Published : Aug 14, 2019, 11:21 am IST
Updated : Aug 14, 2019, 2:03 pm IST

An emerging talented Tattoo artist who started from the city of Jalandhar and on today’s date travels around attending various Conventions.

Kamz Inkzone
 Kamz Inkzone

Barriers stop those who carry the same in mind. No 4 walls, no thickness of same can stop a person if they know what they want. Even if there exists no path, such a free soul creates one for themselves like Kamz. Just a passion for drawing and a small push from his friend Upakar and he was out there making his life’s biggest decision. An emerging talented Tattoo artist who started from the city of Jalandhar and on today’s date travels around attending various Convention in places like Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Europe, etc.

He also became the only one in the invitee list of 2nd International Tattoo Convention held at Goa, who participated from Punjab. Who might have thought that a small push can create wonders to this extent that a person gets to be known nationally and internationally? His efforts were truly appreciable and there was no lack in the same.

His place, or better to call as art workplace with the name of Kamz Inkzone soon started receiving visits by Indian Industry celebrities like Sara Gurpal, Garry Sandhu, A-kay, Sukh-e Muzical Doctorz, Yuvraj Hans, Ninja, Elly Mangat, etc. who were satisfied by the quality work and designs they got engraved for “Forever”. Not only this, but his artwork also received the appreciation of first prize which was rewarded by John Maharajan at “Lifestyle Tattoo International Convention, 2013”, held at Kathmandu. His work was one such out of the box among those 150 people who were there just to win or be a part of the Convention but Kamz, he was different.

All he wanted was to learn more and more. According to him, his interactions are the means to learn and his learning will never stop. The art he says has no boundary and the worldwide artists are a medium to learn. What a humble way to learn and to be a part of such huge opportunities and still be down to earth.

Even after being such celebrity face who made up to Ace of Space season 1 from MTV, he was never seen boasting around his words or his success. Started slow and faced many challenges at a young age of 16 but his passion held him high and his not so acceptable career was finally supported. He was sent to Jalandhar after having convinced his family to learn from a well-known Tattoo artist Nick Sharma.

There at his studio, Kamz learnt and his catching power led him to the path of success. Soon he started getting a strong grip over the work and all of this together made him own 2 showrooms. 1 in the place he started, Jalandhar and the other in Chandigarh. He never allowed a single opportunity to be missed and instead of money, got better with work which indeed brought in the name and fame the person deserved.

His name became one such deal which never remains unnoticed. Apart from this, there was some guidance in his field that he received. Mohan Gurung and John Dai, both of these well-known personalities helped him brush up his skills and portray the art more efficiently.

His eyes were keen towards demand and the running trend. No matter where he went, he brought in something extraordinary with him. His eyes were something which needed to see the demand and his senses started working for what they aim, just like the one in Goa Convention where people got so particular with Portrait Tattoos. Karz, he just focused and his imagination brought in results. After such events, he was also featured in varied newspapers, showing how a young boy of 16 follows his passion and becomes an inspiration for all who look forward the road of success and find nothing more than a silent path.

Let your success make the noise, one such proverb, it was followed in the story of Kamz, whose artwork saw no barriers. From his early days, he was convinced and now when on the road of success, he started convincing people. Not for Tattoos, but to follow what the heart says and be as the same wants us to be.

How amazing the world will be with all following the heart without caring for who comes in between their success and failures path. Just like Kamz all people out there with passion can win. All they need is a push and then a small wait to see wonders that come up.

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