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The futuristic office goals

Published : Sep 14, 2017, 2:06 am IST
Updated : Sep 14, 2017, 2:06 am IST

There’s no need to feel the Monday blues, as everyday is a fun day at work at these co-working spaces!

In a burgeoning city like ours, with many options to choose from, one can be uncertain about what co-working space to choose for what kind of need.
 In a burgeoning city like ours, with many options to choose from, one can be uncertain about what co-working space to choose for what kind of need.

Whether you are looking for a new office space with all installations at the ready or just a hangout spot to chill with your friends for a longer time than cafes, co-working spaces is the direction to go. Day jobs can get way cooler with creative co-working spaces and quirky interiors that let you come up with newer ideas. In an era where we share cab rides to reduce traffic and share homes with AirBnb during travels, the concept of co-working is only an obligatory necessity.

In a burgeoning city like ours, with many options to choose from, one can be uncertain about what co-working space to choose for what kind of need.

Started in February 2017, the informal co-working space is a creative and interactive workstation. Founded by two architects Nithya and Akshaya, the place has creative interiors with lots of books, bean bags and cozy sofas to relax and work. Co-founder Akshaya explains more about the space, saying, “There are two floors in our space. The concept is co-ideation and storytelling. You can perform music, paint your art, click pictures, or just work on your laptops. We have enough facilities and plug points for all your needs. If you wish to stay in a quieter place, you can opt for the other floor. There’s also a space to exhibit your work — photographs or stories or books.”

You can work your own way and pay on an hourly basis at this fully furnished facility with yummy sandwiches and brownies too! A young tech start-up ‘Kaiho Pasu’ that holds regular work meetings at Backyard Adyar, is a happy customer. One of the co-founders of the start-up, Prashant shares, “We meet a lot of like minded people and other start-ups that give us a lot of exposure. Since the Wi-Fi is brilliant, we can hold a lot of Skype meetings with ease, with those who cannot be physically present. Such spaces are the way to go!”


A part of the mother company Regus, which is an international brand of creating co-working stations, Spaces at Express Avenue was launched just last month in Chennai. Unlike Backyard, Spaces has three floors which can cater to corporate companies too. With a seating capacity of about 450 people, Spaces is a work area with facilities like gym, spa and more under a membership plan.

The companies can customise their plan and take up smaller or bigger spaces. The minimum duration for a company to stay is three months. The country manager Lambah explains, “Say, for instance, you start off with six people. A few months down the line, you realise you’ve grown and need office space for more people, or vice versa. You can change your package according to the circumstances.”

Compared to the latest co-working spaces, Dimensions founded by Seshu Karthik before four years, still continues to be high in demand. “Since we started the concept four years back, we are finding more competition in recent days. But with provisions ike an open pantry, day and night shift facilities, a proper bay and workspaces we are still the leading company,” shares the entrepreneur.

Dimensions at Vadapalani demands a minimum of six people to fill a private or semi-private space. The proprietor adds, “There are still firms looking to adopt and work together, but with their own privacy intact. With newer forms of co-working coming in, many firms are losing their private space too — we don’t want to compromise on that. The firms have everything at the ready; they just need to bring in the work force and begin — no need to worry about setting up!” The workstation is also coming up with yoga therapy and more interesting activities soon.

The Grid
Another artistic co-working space, The Grid has a seating capacity of up to 40 people. With trendy interiors and ample move around space, the workstation has people from various artistic and corporate disciplines like artists, freelancers, writers, startups and more.

“We also have an in-house café, where you make your own coffee or even place an order and meet other creative minds to collaborate with them on your projects. There are also newer board games to try out and art to admire. We want to enlarge the level of engagement. Work won’t be boring anymore as every day is new. Apart from this we also have weekly open mic sessions where music bands come and perform and we also stream it live,” shares Jestine de Penning, the founder. The plans range from 10 days and a month, to a year which is also renewable.

More such ventures are set to become available in the coming days. With such varied spaces, you can make a choice according to your personal or company’s need — and head out to boost your social life and become a trend-setter indeed!

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