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Teaching the balancing act

Published : Mar 15, 2019, 4:27 am IST
Updated : Mar 15, 2019, 4:27 am IST

She thinks that the education system given to kids, certainly needs to be upgraded.

Ramon Llamba
 Ramon Llamba

Dr Ramon Llamba has a doctorate in quantum physics but  has delved in metaphysics too. She manages life coaching through her own venture, where she teaches people to balance their lives.

Imagine seeing the physical world from a completely new perspective. A perspective that denotes the fact that only 30 per cent of our lives are a part of the physical world. It all depends on balance as balance is a byproduct of creating alignment of one’s mind, body, soul and emotions. As human beings, when we are aligned and there is stability and balance within, then we automatically project it in our work and personal space.

Dr Ramon Llamba handles many facets of life. With a doctorate in quantum physics, she has delved in metaphysics too and manages life coaching through her own venture, where she teaches people to balance their lives.

“I have trained myself with various tools and techniques over the years on ways to stay in a mental and emotional state of balance. Meditation, yoga and deep breathing help me maintain a cognitive state of mind and a positive state of vibration always. Moreover, as a life coach, I have mastered the art of keeping my lives separate and do not allow my work to enter my personal space,” Ramon quotes on a light note.

She feels passion is truly when you realise your purpose of life and make it your profession.  Her company Golden age transformation, which carries the tag line ‘Inspiring lives, transforming souls’ is her true passion. She says it is as if she was born to transform people, who are not empowered in life, in the areas of relationships, mental trauma, physical disease, financial breakdowns, drug addiction, depression and anxiety disorders.

She goes on to say that, “Having studied these subjects of paranormal sciences, human psychology, epigenetics, human emotion management, soul science, and karma science, I have been able to marry spirituality with science. Another all time favourite has been understanding life from a perspective of physics, and how vibrations, have a direct effect on the chemistry of the human brain, and thus create our patterns, that manifest as our behaviour.”

Her approach towards her clients is transformational, and not motivational.

Talking about travel, she says, “Travelling has always been my second passion, and as a family we ensure at least two holidays a year. I personally love Europe, especially Greece, because of its simplicity, culture and unique architecture. The food and lifestyle there have left an imprint on my soul. In India, I love Kerala, for its rich culture and food.”

When it comes to reading, self-help books are handy and cooking is a great stress buster, she says. “I love listening to music. Music is what connects me to my soul, and that is the space I love to belong to. Besides that, cooking has always interested me, and I make sure I take time out from my busy schedule, to cook some of my favourite cuisines for my family. It actually destresses me,” she admits.

“My role models have always been my parents. They have been two people in my life where I derive my strength from. Their unstoppable energies, has always excited me and I biomimic them. I have always derived inspiration from Albert Einstein, and his quest to understand life from the perspective of physics and today how quantum physics is marrying spirituality with all his theories. He truly is my role model,” she comments.

She thinks that the education system given to kids, certainly needs to be upgraded. Today’s generation, she says, is well aware of things. They need to be taught subjects like emotion management, cognitive behaviour, study of vibration, esoteric sciences, and quantum physics in schools, so that the new generation is well groomed to handle the new dimensional shift that is happening on our planet.

“Success to me, has been a sum total of all my failures put together. After all these years of hard work, I have understood that life flows in a rhythmic cycle and success and failure coexist, so I do not allow my success to get to me,” Llamba says on a conclusive note.

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