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An ‘eye’ for detail!

Published : May 15, 2019, 12:19 am IST
Updated : May 15, 2019, 12:19 am IST

Get you eye makeup game on point by looking into recent trends and using the best products and tools required.

A picture of Alia Bhatt used for representational purposes only
 A picture of Alia Bhatt used for representational purposes only

How many times have you heard the phrase “Brow game on fleek” and wondered what is it really about? Thanks to beauty bloggers and makeup experts, there are multiple kinds of eye extensions and eyebrow designs that are now available in the market to choose from. Let us decode the latest eyebrow and artificial eyelash trends for you to pick up the best eye accessories for this season.

Latest Makeup trends

Depending on your face type, there are different kinds of eyebrow shapes that one can choose from – thin, structured and bushy to name a few. Reena Chabbra, CEO at e-commerce make up brand, shares some important tips before you invest in eye accessories. She says, “One can buy products like Microfine skinny-tipped pencil, an angled eyebrow pencil, powder filler, and eyebrow mascara to accentuate eyebrows. If you are a beginner, use a microfine pencil to control product usage and avoid any blunders that might need correction later. While using eyebrow palettes, make sure the angular-brush is stiff enough for steady application. Do not begin with filling the inner-corners of the eyebrows, as this leads to too much product accumulation, and the eyebrows appear closely set, unbalancing the shape of the face. Unless you have stark black coloured eyebrows, use only ash-brown or deeper shades of brown to fill the eyebrows.”

Whereas, when it comes to eyelashes, she suggests opting for reusable ones that can be used at least three times. “Keep a pack of individual fake eyelashes as an option for times when you do not want full lash coverage. One can try out mess-free magnetic eyelashes that do not require glue. Fake eyelashes with micro pearls, stones or glitter eyelashes are in trend these days if you like to flaunt your bling. Mermaid or coloured eyelashes that  ombre-dyed with a bright poppy colour going into the natural black or brown colour are also quite a rage among young girls.”

Shahnaz HusainShahnaz Husain

Not just quirky designs but even traditional styles are still popular among fashionistas believes makeup expert and entrepreneur Shahnaz Husain, who points out that eyebrows frame the eyes and determine our look hence shouldn’t be ignored. She says, “Like all trends, eyebrow shapes also change. Thin, arched brows have been out for years. Then thick, perfectly sculpted brows became popular. But, what really influenced eyebrows was tattooing. From the light feather touch to “misty” brows created with dots, this season “full, natural, brushed up brows” will be the trend in this department. Whereas, for eye glamour, go for eyelash extensions to make lashes look thicker. They must be attached to natural eyelashes, one by one, by a trained make-up artiste.”

Artificial enhancements

On one hand, there are several artificial products in the market to cater to the eye makeup segment, a lot of brands have also started manufacturing natural and chemical free accessories for the eye. Ragini Mehra, founder of a beauty brand, says, “Good quality make-up tools and makeup is very important for good eye care. . These days exaggerated eyelash trends are in fashion, and feline lashes are very popular among users as they are handmade, produced from the finest materials that are vegan and cruelty-free.”

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