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Healing with water

Published : Jun 15, 2017, 1:19 am IST
Updated : Jun 15, 2017, 1:19 am IST

One of the most precious natural resources on the planet is water and it can help you clean and heal your mind, body and soul.

Learning to swim and making swimming a part of your weekly schedule is an effective aura cleanser.
 Learning to swim and making swimming a part of your weekly schedule is an effective aura cleanser.

Aura is the etheric body which permeates and extends one to two centimetres beyond the physical body. The etheric body is a template of the physical body. It has all the organs of the physical body in an energy form, it also has meridians (subtle energy channels) and chakras (energy centres).

Aura cleansing is a way of removing all internal and external negative influences that affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Aura cleansing and chakra cleansing can be done through many things. We will focus on water today.

Water represents life and vital energy. It also represents cleansing in itself. There are many effective ways to cleanse your aura with water.

Right temperature
For aura cleansing, while taking a shower, the temperature of water needs to match your comfort level. What makes one feel fresh varies from person to person. For someone comfortable with cold water, hot shower will add negativity and they will feel that ‘life is too harsh on me’. For someone who likes hot showers, cold water will add negativity and they will feel that ‘people around me are cold’. The same person might prefer both hot and cold shower depending on various situations and the climate, which makes them flexible. So it depends on what state of mind a person is in while taking a shower.

Importance of aroma
Add aroma while taking a shower. Get a body massage with aromatic essential oils before taking a shower. The aroma you choose needs to be soothing and refreshing to your senses, which is again a personal choice. You can seek advice from an aroma therapist to select the right aroma which can heal you.

Organic cleanser
Using organic shower gel or soap helps in aura cleansing, because they are made from flowers, fruits and vegetables that have natural cleansing properties. Using chemical products add to negativity, pushes one to be superficial and distances oneself from nature and natural things. Using organic and herbal products aligns you with truth. It makes one realise that nature is the supreme being and it has the capacity to create naturally. Human beings are only capable of modifying the DNA to a certain extent and adding artificiality to natural things.

Sea salts
Sea salt has one of the highest potential of aura cleansing. Sea salt is a natural creation that has the capacity of removing dirt from the deepest level of your skin, which signifies your willingness to cleanse yourself at a deeper level, like your soul. Sea represents the potential and depth of your mind. Taking bath in a sea also cleanses the aura to a large extent.

Learning to swim and making swimming a part of your weekly schedule is an effective aura cleanser. It removes negativity and fear from your system, because you have to overcome the fear of drowning in the ocean of life. It adds positive energy and helps one take onus of life.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking 3 to 4 litres of pure water everyday also cleanses the aura, because it boosts the immune system, flushes out toxins and increases your energy level.

Preserve water
Do not waste water while taking a shower. It signifies that the universe is ready to give you everything you want but you are taking things for granted. Eventually the universe will reverse the process. You will have deficiency of water supply in future, which will add negativity to your life.

One needs to feel gratitude, thanking the supreme and the universe, for providing sufficient water supply, before and after taking a shower.

While taking a shower, focus on a single thought: ‘Water is cleansing and healing me. It transforms my entire body into light, inside and out. All of my negativity is being washed away.’ Observing a natural waterfall, and getting wet in the rain also cleanses the aura to a great extent.

Water purifies the ‘errors’ accumulated in one’s body and mind. Aura cleansing is very essential. The physical form of a person reflects the inner self. Cleansing of the mind is also important. The mind plays an important role in accepting or rejecting the soul’s guidance to the soul path. Water is one of the many things that help in aura cleansing.

The writer is a tarot expert

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