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Father’s Day 2018: 4 successful entrepreneurs talk about bond shared with their dads

Published : Jun 15, 2018, 9:37 pm IST
Updated : Jun 15, 2018, 9:37 pm IST

Celebrated each year on third Sunday of June, day is dedicated to expressing love and gratitude to the superhero who has stood by you.

From L to R: Beas Dev Ralhan, Arushi Verma, Dishant Pritamani and Divya Jalan
 From L to R: Beas Dev Ralhan, Arushi Verma, Dishant Pritamani and Divya Jalan

The bond shared between a father and his child can seldom be put into words.

Celebrated each year on the third Sunday of June, the day is dedicated to expressing your love and gratitude to the superhero who has stood by you, all through your lives.

From holding your hands while you took your first step, to standing outside your school gates on your very first day in the outside world, to always lending a shoulder when you are in trouble, dads are the absolute best.

The one person who has always given you invaluable life lessons to take on the world, the day is specially marked for the one man in your life, you can always count on.

In conversation with 4 successful entrepreneurs share stories about their dads and talk about the bonds they share with them. Happy Father’s Day!

Dishant Pritamani, Founder at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Mumbai and Daily All Day, Pune

Dishant PritamaniDishant Pritamani

For the young restaurateur his favourite memories with his father has always revolved around food.

“My father has always been a foodie and would enjoy occasionally experimenting in the kitchen. Definitely my fondest memory of him is when he used to get the time to cook a fabulous, innovative dish for us!”

As for what Father’s Day means to him, he says, “It’s great to see father’s get that extra importance one day of the year.” He adds that it feels great to celebrate their generosity and wisdom.

Ask him about what is so special in a father-child relationship, he says, “Your dad is your first teacher; the more you listen to him, the quicker you grow!”

Divya Jain, Founder & CEO Safeducate

Divya JainDivya Jain

For Jain, her favourite moment with her dad included sitting on his shoulder with his coat around her as it rained cats and dogs while they walked the streets of Rome

She also reminisces, “Our evening walks outside our house as we debated life and the world and he helped me make my life’s most important decisions. Another thing that I remember is him sitting in a car outside as he waited for me to come back from that one late night party I insisted I go for in college.”

Ask her what is the significance of the day according to her? She says, “We get so lost in the hustle bustle of life and work, it’s a lovely day to just take a break and be my father’s little one.”

Jain however reminds everyone that despite everything the situation of women around the country is perhaps not that good. Fathers who should be protecting them, often end up being the bane in their lives.

“Women are far more empowered today than they were a decade ago but there is still miles to go. The girl child still lacks adequate nourishment and needs to drop out from school to meet the families needs, as a country we need to start looking after our girls.”

Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder and CEO, NextEducation India Private Limited

Beas Dev RalhanBeas Dev Ralhan

For Ralhan his fondest memories with his father are during his growing up years in Punjab.

“He is my biggest inspiration. He was also an entrepreneur, and I have learnt most of my business management lessons from him. He taught me that patience is the key to run a business,” he says, adding that for him everyday is Father’s Day. “I don't need a seperate day to be grateful to my father for being the person he is.”

As for his favourite quote on a father-daughter relationship (he himself has a little girl), he adds, “It’s a very special relationship. I pamper my little princess just like other fathers, but I also prepare her to grow up to be an independent and intelligent individual.”

Arushi Verma, Co-Founder, FITPASS

Arushi VermaArushi Verma

Verma says that to her, everyday is Father’s Day and one should always cherish the moments they have with their parents.

Reminiscing upon memories she has with her father, Verma says hat growing up, her dad always emphasised on being positive through the course of life.

“Every instance when I felt low or out of control, he would always reassure me and tell me that when you’re positive, everything moves towards positivity,” she says.

As for what she feels about the bond shared between a dad and her little girl, she adds that not only fathers, but daughters too have a really great influence on their fathers.

“Fathers can play a great role in speeding up the situation of women in our country,” she concludes.

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