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Being stoned

Published : Apr 18, 2018, 1:25 am IST
Updated : Apr 18, 2018, 1:25 am IST

Stones bring character to a home, and there are ways you can add it to your interiors.

  Anand Reddy
  Anand Reddy

The use of stone in designing the home is trending in today’s spaces. The need for something that relates to the earth and looks good is a part of what is prompting many to use stone facades. With the many options available, we will try and decode how you can use stone to its best at home.

Most stone designs differ according to the interior space and its uses. The idea is to create a look, that is unique, amazing and bit quirky, if required. The first step is selecting the correct stone which can be classified into Indian marble, Italian marble, Granite, Travertine, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone, limestone, Soapstone, etc. all of which are available in natural, polished and multiple natural finishes.

Stone selection is usually based on looks, grain pattern/structure, design, colour, quality, durability and application. Certain finishes can be for wall claddings, interior and exterior, and usage for flooring, walls, kitchen, bathroom, bar counter, table tops or exterior wall cladding.

Experts personally inspect marble or granite blocks, or inspection masters who have experience in mining and also have exposure to global market requirements will find those stones that make their way into retail spaces. While selecting, each block has to be personally handpicked, checking the right direction, grain structure, design, colour uniformity, density and quality for world class design. Natural stones like marble and granite have a natural variation in blocks, thickness has to be maintained uniform to world's standards.


To achieve a high quality world-class stone product, ensure that your stone has been processed with high-quality fibering, resining, to strengthen and achieve a high quality finish. Some stones are also diamond polished with book-matching to be done depending upon block to block.  

Today, we have access to the best of natural stones like marble, granite, onyx, soap stone, sandstone and limestone available and if used well, they can create a stunning natural effect along with being very practical.

Bathroom design

The first decision is to ensure that it does not look like a bathroom! This can only be done by proper installation of fascinating walls, floors, countertop selections in stone, marble, granite, onyx, limestone, sandstone etc. Bigger size marbles, granites or natural stones are better for designing as the joints will be less, making it more durable, cleaner, healthier, requiring less maintenance and most come with a variety of choices.

Kitchen designs

For kitchen designs, ensure that the stone is not grooved, so as to keep dirt and particles away. Also, most kitchen require lighter surfaces to give a more open feel, though many also prefer using dark surfaces which are more easy to manage and clean. The other thing to keep in mind is using a different stone for cooking and cleaning areas, will liven up your kitchen.

Living rooms

More and more people are using stone walls as interiors, to give some relief or add quirk to the home. For instance, a single granite wall can add character to your living room, and having just a single piece of stone set into a foyer or patio too can add depth to the space.

— The writer is the managing founder and CEO of a stone design company.

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