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It’s cool to chill indoors

Published : Dec 18, 2019, 12:58 am IST
Updated : Dec 18, 2019, 12:58 am IST

Not all millennials want to head out to a lounge bar for a night of fun.

A still from the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, where she is entertaining friends at a house party. (Picture used for representational purpose only).
 A still from the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, where she is entertaining friends at a house party. (Picture used for representational purpose only).

With an aim of breaking the monotony, clubs, pubs and entertainment spaces evolved to get people to step outside for fun. Though the idea of a house party is around since several years, millennials now prefer meeting at home and having a fun get together playing games, rather than going out to music concerts and pubs to have a good time. In a fast-paced lifestyle youngsters believe that spending peaceful time indoors with friends and enjoying plain banter defines the perfect night! We delve deeper to understand the reason for the same.

Remember those scandalous nights where just by spinning the bottle you had the weapon to expose the truth buried deep down or dare the most coward friend to do some bold tasks? Well, looks like that’s the kind of fun millennial individuals are opting for these days. According to Sandhya Varalakshmi M., a functional consultant at a leading software company, staying at home and spending time gives us a better sense of satisfaction to say ‘time well spent’ by the end.

She elaborates, “Just having this mindset of going out to pubs and spending time is just a materialistic mindset that this generation was influenced by at one point. But things are changing, taking time out and spending our time at home with friends and just being ourselves is the best feeling. In my opinion socialising is essential only when we learn something from it otherwise enjoying time at home with your friends is always my go to plan.”

Dan Sequeria, a sound engineer, says he enjoys his time in solitude and at times with his dearest friends at home. He says, “I’m generally a shy guy, and I’m more of a person who likes to be in the background. All of this makes me a person who loves to be in the company of people whom I know very well. When I say ‘Company’, it’s always a small group of people.

“Therefore, I have a great time whenever I have a few friends at my home. The reason behind getting together at home and not at a noisy spot such as a pub is just so that we can talk peacefully, and strengthen the existing bond. Great conversations are always accompanied by a drink of wine or any other spirit. Devouring home cooked food and dessert is always a delight.”

Breaking down the mystery is Megha Ravi Aatreyas, a senior content reviewer at a famous online shopping portal. She says, “One of the main reasons why we choose to host house parties and stay at home is basically because of the exhausting traffic jams that we have to wade through on a daily basis to get to where we have to. The pollution and other diseases are the other supporting factors that influence us to just stay at home play fun board games and just enjoy each others company.”

Vidhya (name changed) shares her horrific incident which led to her choosing to stay indoors. She shares, “I used to be the kind of girl who went out partying every night. It was fun until a certain point where people began to judge me based on my outfits and the kind of drinks I chose to drink because I’d just got my first job and didn’t pay too well. Eventually I got a credit card and my life revolved around what I was going to wear every night and what expensive drink I’d choose. Ultimately I ended up overspending and was in the middle of debts. My parents saved me but then on my dearest friends come by and we have fun at home. We don’t need a fancy lifestyle to have a good time.”

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