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Summer hair in the wintertime

Published : Dec 18, 2019, 1:00 am IST
Updated : Dec 18, 2019, 1:00 am IST

Winter bliss may come with hair dehydration woes, but these solutions are here to the rescue.

Indeed, it is the perfect season to get comfortable and cosy.
 Indeed, it is the perfect season to get comfortable and cosy.

What is not to love about the winter? You cuddle up under the duvet and watch a movie, complete with a soothing cup of hot chocolate.

Indeed, it is the perfect season to get comfortable and cosy. However, the weather comes with dehydration concerns, and your hair often has to pay the price. Cold temperatures lead to various hair problems such as dandruff, frizz, and dryness.

So, here are some haircare tips by Praver Kachroo, Founder, Evolvere Salon Solutions, to fight against such issues. “Shampoos, conditioners and hair masks are helpful, however, they should be specific to the hair problem,” shares Kachroo.

Use a gentle shampoo
There are a number of shampoos available in the market, but to pick the right one can be a difficult task. “Gentle shampoos free from sulphate and paraben salts are good for hair wash in the winter, because they help reduce hair fall and recover dry and
damaged hair. They also deeply cleanse the scalp,” explains Kachroo.  

Go for oils and conditioners
Since the scalp is under-nourished during the cold season, it is important to focus on providing it with all its nutrient needs. “To avoid flakes and dandruff in the winter, one should regularly oil the hair. It also helps in removing dryness from the scalp. A hot oil massage is more beneficial as compared to regular hair oiling,” says Kachroo. “Also, always use a hair conditioner after shampooing. It helps in fighting the frizziness and makes the hair shinier and smoother,” he further adds.

No to heat-based styling
It is no secret that heat styling is a major culprit for dry, damaged hair. When your hair is already in a fragile state during the colder months, heat styling simply amplifies the problem, sucking moisture from hair strands. He adds, “It’s good to avoid regular styling in winters and always use thermal protection serum before the styling. Excessive heat can make hair dehydrated and brittle.”

Regular hair spa sessions
Another way to protect your locks during wintertime is going for a hair spa treatment. “In the winter, frequent hair spas also help fighting against dryness, dandruff
and itchiness. It helps in increasing the volume and also maintains the shine and moisture within the hair,” says Kachroo.

Hot water = bad for the hair
When rinsing your hair, hot water can take away all its moisture. “Never wash your hair using extremely hot water in the winter as it strips away the natural oils. So, it is recommended to turn down the temperature and use mild water,” the expert says, on a concluding note.

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