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White is right

Published : Dec 18, 2019, 1:07 am IST
Updated : Dec 18, 2019, 1:07 am IST

An all-white interior has a lot of potential and opens the door to a number of new ideas. Have fun and get quirky with this creative canvas.

The “Anything Goes” attitude will cause chaos in a white  background.
 The “Anything Goes” attitude will cause chaos in a white background.

Missing snowfall in December? How about creating your personal winter wonderland this holiday season? An all-white interior space is the best thing for a décor enthusiast – while the potential of a bleached-out backdrop is exciting, the expectations could be astonishingly daunting. Decorating your home for the holiday season can be a bit of a mixed bag especially with white colour as base shade; here are some easy DIY tips to get it right without breaking a sweat.

Before you further go with white illumination, you’d probably have questions like what colours pair well with a milky-hued home or what style of furniture suit the ivory shades? Start with picking the right colour theme and build on it, recommends interior designer and creative head of an upmarket décor brand Parushni Aggarwal. She says, “You might think picking white for your interior is the easy way out, but finding the right shade is never a simple process. Some whites have warm suggestions, while others have a cool finish, and then you need to analyse the architecture of your home. Gold or silver goes with white colour — it doesn’t have to be red or green and let the lights do the talking. You can also decorate with mini ornaments and a strand of battery-powered lights which goes perfectly with white lights.”

When faced with a white backdrop, most will prefer the “anything goes” approach, but that’s when everything gets disordered and chaotic. There should always be a theme and a carefully organised approach to any interior, regardless of the paint scheme. To enhance the visual appeal of the space, Aggarwal suggests, “A more country rustic vibe will evolve and pair beautifully with the white palette. A rug can help to moor all the components of a white room and bring some much-needed adherence—just make certain to pick one that’s the right dimension so it doesn’t look out of place. One sure way to create a positive and lively atmosphere in a monochromatic colour scheme is through the greenery. Indoor plants can present a great aid for your physical health and state of mind, and they also make for a great colour accent to break up any white space.”

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