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Fly fearlessly, secrets decoded

Published : Dec 19, 2019, 5:35 am IST
Updated : Dec 19, 2019, 5:35 am IST

Rakesh says the book is the outcome of his learning experiences and questions from inquisitive friends and family.

Rakesh Dhannarapu
 Rakesh Dhannarapu

Written in a lucid style, 23-year-old debutant author Rakesh Dhannarapu’s 101 Flying Secrets is filled with answers to queries that every passenger seeks.

101 Flying Secrets, a coffee table book authored by Rakesh Dhannarapu, answers several questions that curious flyers have always wanted to know about but didn’t know whom to ask. Loaded with stunning photographs and informative descriptions of the subjects, it promises to entertain and engage the visual senses too.

As the title suggests, the book covers 101 questions that arise in the minds of air passengers and are answered in a simple and lucid manner without going into the humongous nitty-gritties involved. Questions range from ‘If aircrafts are so safe, why wear seatbelts?’, ‘Why are aircraft painted white?’, ‘How fast can an aircraft be evacuated?’ ‘Do aircraft dump fuel mid-air?’ ‘What is airport curfew?’ to ‘What is a runway excursion?’ and ‘What is the fate of retired aircraft?’ In short, the book covers everything a curious and inquisitive air passenger would like to know.

101 Flying Secrets is an easy-to-carry coffee table style book with vivid images along with a few QR codes that let you peek into the world of aviation through your smart phone. Spread over 268 pages, each topic explained in the book has an accompanying picture / illustration (and a few videos too) to help the reader understand better. The reader can scan the QR codes with freely available apps like Google Lens and instantly watch the concerned video to enjoy and enhance the unique learning experience.

“Flying is regarded as the safest mode of travel, but it has many standard operating procedures (SOPs) and humongous manuals for everyone across the chain — pilots, ground crew and cabin crew except the passenger. And sometimes, passengers in their naivety can end up committing small mistakes that may endanger everyone else,” says 23-year-old debutant author Rakesh Dhannarapu, who did his Master’s in Aviation with a vertical in Airworthiness at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia.

Rakesh says the book is the outcome of his learning experiences and questions from inquisitive friends and family. After realising that not many people are aware of the various interesting aspects about flying, Rakesh took it upon himself to pen down a book during his three-month-long summer vacation last year.

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