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  Life   More Features  21 Sep 2017

Life, More features, 21 Sep 2017

Annie Proulx to receive honorary National Book Award

Previous recipients of the Distinguished Contribution medal include Toni Morrison, Philip Roth and Joan Didion.

21 Sep 2017 7:39 PM

Soft soil makes Mexico City shake like it was built on jelly

Mexico City is built on deep, soft soil which instead of cushioning the city from earthquakes, exaggerates their effects.

21 Sep 2017 5:40 PM

Chinese woman crushes a watermelon with her crotch and takes a bite

The woman tightened her muscles and the fruit popped with juice gushing down as she took a bite to prove it was edible.

21 Sep 2017 5:39 PM

Throat cancer caused by oral sex can be prevented by charcoal toothpaste

Bacteria has a natural tendency to absorb to bacteria and can help since bacterias enter the mouth during oral sex.

21 Sep 2017 5:11 PM

Man dressed as clown running for city council seat

The candidate’s last name means clown in Spanish.

21 Sep 2017 4:46 PM


Brazilian judge under fire for re-legalising 'gay cure therapy'

The ruling has been met with backlash from LGBT rights campaigners, psychologists and celebrities.

21 Sep 2017 3:17 PM

Ivanka Trump gets a lesson on how to use the English language after confusing tweet

She maybe one of the most powerful woman on Earth, but that didn't stop many from teaching her a lesson

21 Sep 2017 1:40 PM

Seal pup rests on Australian beach after exhausting 2000km journey from Antarctic

The baby seal spent the day relaxing on the beach before returning to the water later that night.

21 Sep 2017 1:39 PM

Adolf Hitler's phone directory put up for auction

Book contains more than 200 key Third Reich figures' private numbers; expected to fetch up to $20,000.

21 Sep 2017 1:10 PM

Huge sea turtles slowly coming back from brink of extinction

Massive efforts to save the egg-laying turtles by changing fishing nets and creating protected and darkened beaches are working

21 Sep 2017 10:23 AM


EU survey finds Muslims willing to embrace non-Muslims

Although more than half said they had felt discriminated against when they looked for housing because of their names.

21 Sep 2017 9:50 AM

Courage under fire

A dentist and assistant professor, Rajalakshmi will be representing the country at the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 in Poland.

21 Sep 2017 3:21 AM

Essence of Navratras

Navratri has a deep significance behind its celebration.

21 Sep 2017 3:20 AM

Spoken for to break taboos

The entertainment industry’s demands makes the journey extremely challenging.

21 Sep 2017 3:19 AM

Droom with a viewfinder

An entrepreneur whose eye for the eclectic and interesting has taken him places, Sandeep Aggarwal is quite the connoisseur.

21 Sep 2017 3:18 AM


Ivanka Trump on postpartum depression

The first daughter of USA experienced it after giving birth to each of her three children.

21 Sep 2017 12:29 AM

When power is irresistible

Power is the new aphrodisiac and it trumps money.

21 Sep 2017 12:28 AM