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Tee-time in fashion

Published : Jan 23, 2018, 12:20 am IST
Updated : Jan 23, 2018, 12:20 am IST

Singer, designer, actress and golfer Christine Storm is in india to present a golf-inspired fashion collection.

Christine Storm
 Christine Storm

Style and golf are two things closest to her heart, and together they shape her works of creative expression. Christine Storm believes, “You go from the golf club to the night club with the change of a shoe.” The designer, golfer, recording artist and actress is presently in India to present her golf-inspire couture line. 

She started learning and playing golf when she met her husband. He would give her golf lessons and they found an instant connection there. She would also look around at the beautiful young ladies with less than flattering clothes and felt women should be able to look stunning on the golf course and still be very athletic, and be able to move effortlessly. The more she played golf the more she was tweaking and changing her own golf clothes to make them more stylish. That is what inspired the idea for the fashion line, Clubwear. 

About her love for golf she says, “My husband says that if you have a little bit of a challenge with your personality, golf will magnify that a 100 times. So if you’re impatient, it will make you very impatient. If you are a frustrated person it will make you very frustrated.” According to her, “It’s a game of self-counselling as you have to take on the challenge of fixing your own mental state and your own attitude in order to play well. It’s a game of self-monitoring, honesty, calling penalties on yourself. You can learn a lot about a person by playing a round of golf with him or her.”

Designer Christine’s golf attire Designer Christine’s golf attire

Christine is a recording artist as well and has a company called ‘Jam for joy’ that organises musical events. It’s a charity to fund backpacks, school supplies and clothes so that underprivileged children can fit in a bit better in school. So maybe they’re not bullied in life. We felt that if they fit in a little better, they may have the attitude of confidence.” 

She finds time for all her varied interests by spending an hour on design, an hour on music and all else. She feels, “The balance in doing what you love is defined best by the saying, ‘If you find what you are passionate about, you have never worked a day in your life.’” 

She has created a music video titled Numb. “It is to portray the fears that people are collectively feeling on the planet right now and it also speaks for the fact that we have so much sadness on the news. I just wanted to show symbolism of peace as the world today is so nervous. A wish for peace for everyone out there who has patriotism and love for their families and country” she signs off.

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