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Colours return

Published : Jun 23, 2019, 1:41 am IST
Updated : Jun 23, 2019, 1:41 am IST

Earthy shades and Indian prints are the trends in home styling now. They are seen in almost all spheres, from crockery to cushions, of home décor.

In the palette, there are both bright and light shades.
 In the palette, there are both bright and light shades.

Though minimalism still holds a place in home styling, colours are creeping into the canvas from corners. They are creating a niche for themselves in a subtle manner in Indian houses. Yes, a detour to earthy shades and Indian prints is what trending in home styling now. “Not only in interior decoration, but in entire architecture scenario too colours are making a comeback,” says home stylist Varsha Rakesh. “Earthy palette is in vogue now. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely a trend in the market. Earthy shades give a sense of ‘closer to the nature’. These trends carry an element of ‘Indianness’ in them, and they are seen in almost all spheres, from crockery to wallpapers and cushions, of home décor,” she adds.

In the palette, there are both bright and light shades. One can pick colours that match their character. “By earthy shades, it means colours that are inspired from nature — like the magenta of bougainvillea, green of leaves or the colour of brick,” she says. “There is also a return of indigenous flooring styles such as red oxide and black oxide. This flooring style is used even in minimalistic modern houses. If natural elements were used back then, now chemical mixture is used. That is the difference.”


Two-thousand-year-old block prints too are sought by customers. Among prints, floral patterns stand out. “Floral patterns have always been there in our society. We can see that if we study patterns in home styling in India. Mughals may have brought this style that is inspired from flowers of nature. They created a few basic patterns. There is western floral pattern too, but that is not colourful as its Indian counterpart. Right now, Indian prints are on demand,” says Varsha, and adds that colours give a fresh angle to a space and break monotony.

And, make a space cheerful. “It depends on the person and the colours he or she chooses. I have felt that flowers appeal more to women, and that they can perceive colours more than men,” says Varsha. “Each shade has a mood. So, the energy of a space is linked to the colour applied on it. Everyone has different taste in colour too. So, whenever I do a project, I sit with the clients to understand their colour. It will come out during conversations. If the colour does not match their mind, it will difficult for them to stay there,” she concludes.

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