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Seeking beauty in imperfection

Published : Oct 24, 2017, 5:49 am IST
Updated : Oct 24, 2017, 7:09 am IST

Lush Hues of velvet, minimal touches of imperfection and pantones of pastels, the year 2018 will take us back to soul spaces.

Bring in the essence of Wabi Sabi with weathered surfaces
 Bring in the essence of Wabi Sabi with weathered surfaces

From sunset to sunrise, and from weekdays to weekends, home is where you nest and rest after hectic hours of work and commute. The familiarity of space, colour, décor and furniture congruity is a perennial source of comfort for the soul. Creating well-coordinated and savvy home interiors becomes easy once you have a clear idea of your personal creative direction.

If you are looking to revamp your abode or planning to decorate interiors afresh in the coming year, a few keywords from the 2018 forecast might come in handy. And go a long way in exuding verve and colour in your living spaces.

Bring the globe-trotting feeling home. This inspired trend for 2017-18 will make you feel well-travelled and borne with eclectic gifts. The bold geometric patterns of kilim and the flat woven tapestry dhurrie are likely to upholster light seating furniture like the chaise lounge, ottoman, fauteuil and footstool and bar stool. These bright, boldly graphic motifs of the kilim weave symbolise fertility, motherhood, union and good luck, and were used by the Persian and Turkish artisans for centuries, to protect their families from harm and evil. Rug upholstery is all set to stamp a tribal look representing the global village concept in modern day interior decoration.

Kilim prints add earthy tonesKilim prints add earthy tones

Wabi Sabi
The era of frugal luxury is seeping in. Just like it was in 15th century Japan, even today Wabi Sabi remains a statement of seeking beauty in imperfection, in reaction to the opulence and ornamental aesthetic of expensive décor. It reveres austerity, celebrates weathered surfaces and embodies a profound expression of time worn erosion. It’s forecasted to arrive in 21st century homes as well perhaps to seek refuge from the prevalent grandeur and technological invasion. Bringing Wabi Sabi to your home would mean embracing minimalism and history. Wrinkled look on linen, handcrafted organic décor, innately uneven pottery, cerused wood furniture (lime wax finish), and even tables with burn marks are part of the uniqueness of the Wabi Sabi feel. Wabi Sabi is the biggest design trend to look out for in 2018.

Minimalist pastels
As with the Wabi Sabi, the 2018 wall paint range is also looking towards simplistic shades. In their forecast palette of 20 trend colours, has introduced In the Moment as Colour of The Year. They place great emphasis on the restorative and tranquil effect of this hue that blends blue, grey and green to create an earthy tone. The emphasis is on destressing all the way. Another emerging winner in interior colours is millennial pink, thwarting gender bias and creating a powerful expression in deeper versions of itself.


For a more splashy and playful choice in colour, Pantone has predicted vibrant yellow and lemon popsicle in their scheme to bring out the smiles in people. Dark tones of fuchsia, caramel creamy hues and tech-inspired green pairing in trendsetting combination will be seen on the mood boards of interior decorators soon. Gilded layering on painted surfaces will also be a trend with brass and silver metallic returning as a favourite next year.

Imperfections inspired by the Japanese trendImperfections inspired by the Japanese trend

Dark Tones
In keeping with the earthen connection, blackened wood surfaces are making a comeback. The radical and ancient wood charring technique of shou-sugi-ban creates a layer of carbon that acts as a preservative from mould, water, insect and fire, exuding a strong visual appeal. Other wood to look out for would be rosewood, walnut and marbling tones of mango wood.

Dark rich hues add extra depth to your homeDark rich hues add extra depth to your home

Marble Motifs
Marble is transcending from being a material to a design pattern. Black and white marble motifs are going to be visible in carpets, wall covering and furnishing fabric design.

A velvet feel is a must for a standalone piece in a living roomA velvet feel is a must for a standalone piece in a living room

Make pastels work wondersMake pastels work wonders

Luxury fabrics will make a prominent appearance again in the living room styling, on sofas and even as wall covering. Velvet and suede are showing up in a palette of moss green, royal blue, navy blue, mustard, reds and purples. The richness of velvet combined with rugged natural textures of reclaimed wood and cane bric-a-brac just might pique your interest for trendsetting home décor for 2018.

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