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Little Baby Review – A good watch this weekend.

Published : Sep 26, 2019, 6:20 pm IST
Updated : Sep 26, 2019, 6:20 pm IST

It makes a good option if you looking for a film to watch this weekend.

Little Baby
 Little Baby

Little Baby is based on the concept of father and daughter relationship in today’s times when children especially teenagers want to live their lives on their own terms. We haven’t seen many films on the subject in Bollywood.

Little Baby is story of Sasha (GulnazSiganporia) and Dushyant Singh (Priyanshu Chatterjee). Sasha studies in a college and Dushyant is a senior police officer in Dehradun. Sasha is a girl who lives her life on her terms, she is carefree and does not care about anybody including her parents specially her father. She parties hard and do not mind changing her sleeping partner now and then her explanation to this is that she has all the rights to take decisions of her life. One day Dushyant comes to know about her activities during a police raid where she has been caught with her friends and his world comes crashing down. In this situation how he manages to understand her problem and tries to Sasha’s behaviour makes the rest of the film.

Little Baby has ingredients to make it a watchable affair. Story telling is simple and sticks to the point. There are not many twist and turns in the film and screenplay is crisp.

What clicks and makes the happenings believable on the screen is Director Shekhar S Jha’s handling of subject which is not a usual subject. He shows maturity in handling situations which are very difficult if one imagine them in real life. One such scene is when Priyanshu comes to know that his daughter is caught in raid and brought to his own police station. Full marks to Shekhar S Jha for his direction.

Among actors Priyanshu Chatterjee shows what he is capable of, in his portrayal of a helpless father. He is one actor who should be seen more often on the screen. He is much matured very calm and has given a very controlled performance. GulnazSiganporia as Priyanshu Chatterjee’s young daughter looks the part of today’s restless young adults, but she is bit amateur in acting. Her dialogue delivery is more like shouting most of the time, this could have been controlled by the director. Shivani Mahajan as mother does not get much scope. Casting of other actors could have been better in such a sensitive film.

AniketKhandagale’s cinematography looks fresh and Dehradun looks good where the film is shot. Editor Aseem Chhabra’s editing keeps the film crisp and short. Dialogues (Rashid Iqbal &Shekhar S Jha) lacks the required punch and needed much attention in diction and consistency especially for Gulanz’s part.    

Little Baby goes in to territory where not many films have gone i.e. father daughter relationship and it makes a sincere effort to tell the story with much maturity and right emotions. It makes a good option if you looking for a film to watch this weekend.  

*** Stars        

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