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Tired of routine or stuck in life?

Published : Apr 27, 2019, 9:11 pm IST
Updated : Apr 27, 2019, 9:11 pm IST

Discover the secret power to transform your mind and life through morning rituals.

A morning ritual is the process of administrating superior habits and positive affirmations early morning and implementing them throughout the course of life. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)
 A morning ritual is the process of administrating superior habits and positive affirmations early morning and implementing them throughout the course of life. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Have you heard about the magical power of morning rituals? Or are you sceptical? Morning rituals are simple secrets that can phenomenally transform your lifestyle. They carry the power of positive affirmations, which provide the doorway to success and a healthy lifestyle.

Morning rituals programme your conscious and subconscious mind, which helps you face the personal and professional challenges that each day brings along. They give you an opportunity to grow beyond what you have ever imagined or experienced. They help you overcome a self-sabotaging nature and also rid your mind of negative thoughts.

What are morning rituals?

Morning rituals are beyond routines, they are a sequence of actions followed daily, actions which are designed to incredibly transform you gradually. They are the process of administrating superior habits and positive affirmations early morning and implementing them throughout the course of life.

Morning rituals can be anything, if you begin to do something intentionally with a sense of gratitude, aligning certain practices to enhance your mental and physical well-being. But rituals specifically are those, which empower you to experience the day in an extraordinary manner, with compassion and energy.

Other than making you active, these rituals also bring a lot to other areas of life. So, here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind while creating your own morning rituals:

How to create your own morning rituals?

  • Quality of sleep matters: Sleep deprivation is a major source of depression, forgetfulness, deteriorating consciousness and it makes you feel drowsy the whole day. Thus, it renders you less productive. Customising morning rituals are of no use if you don’t even wake up early.

So, to wake up early and if you have trouble falling asleep, practice meditation for at least 20 minutes before going to bed. Mind calming practices can effectively slow down your racing mind. After meditating, try to get 8 hours of undisturbed, peaceful sleep every day.

  • Sources of mindfulness meditation before sleeping: Before sleeping, switch off the lights. You can listen to meditation songs, soothing and relaxing music with nature sounds for a blissful deep relaxation experience. This can help you to de-clutter your brain, fight fatigue and insomnia and find your inner peace.
  • Wake up in the morning with a sense of gratitude: Learn to cultivate positivity within yourself as soon as you wake up. Give yourself sometime to balance your conscious and sub-conscious mind and imagine yourself smiling from within. This brings positivity and should be done for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Drink water: Drink a few glasses of warm water on an empty stomach as soon as you are done with your first ritual. This flushes out all your internal toxins and strengthens your immunity system. It also helps in cleansing the colon and makes your intestine absorption strong.
  • Feel the rays of the sun: After drinking water, wash your face and then sit or stand near any window or in your balcony and feel the sun. Make sure that the area is calm and peaceful, allowing you to soak in the goodness and energy of the sun. Exposure to sunlight is essential for the production of Vitamin D in the body and this ritual can be done for a few minutes before moving on to the next.
  • Spiritual fitness: Dive deeper into meditational practices in the morning for overall mental fitness. Meditation helps our consciousness unfold in subtle yet profound ways.
  • Physical fitness: Physical fitness is not only essential for appearing good but also for self-realisation and transformation. Make yourself physically strong and active, an hour of exercise can help you to get in shape, through cardiovascular exercises and strength training. Physical fitness is one of the most crucial sources of happiness, as it also boosts yourself self-confidence.
  • Emotional fitness: Being proactive in your emotional fitness can increase your resiliency to handle difficult people and situations. Starting your day by cultivating the feeling of gratitude and forgiveness can help you develop your emotional side. Here are also a few more things you need to be mindful of throughout the day:
    • Stay focused on your work and strive for quality.
    • Never except too much from anyone, as this is the biggest source of disappointment.
    • Keep your professional and personal commitments in focus.
    • Never over-commit or promise more than you can deliver.
  • Intellectual fitness: Intellectual fitness help in unleashing and encouraging creativity. Morning is a wonderful time for reading and learning or for even watching motivational videos. Reading and learning new things about the world is essential for everybody, irrespective of who you are and what you do.

*Disclaimer: This article has been contributed by Vaibhav Datar, mid-life coach and author of bestseller- ‘Simplify Your Life’. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of The Asian Age and The Asian Age does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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