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Up above the world

Published : Jun 27, 2019, 1:05 am IST
Updated : Jun 27, 2019, 1:05 am IST

Decking up your ceiling is one of the most tricky businesses in decor. We help you choose the best with tips from experts.

Domed ceilings take you back in time
 Domed ceilings take you back in time

Ceilings, also considered as the fifth wall in a room, are as crucial as the other walls in creating the desired interior. It’s the last piece that completes the jigsaw puzzle of the decor. While planning the ceiling design do consider the purpose of the space (living, dining or bedroom), the height of the room, natural light in the space and its overall decor theme.

Wooden, hand painted, undulated, textured, wallpapered and reflective. These are some of the styles for a ceiling design and there are countless possibilities within each of these. For a contemporary look, the ceiling could have clean sleek lines, patterns or layers with recessed lights. While for a traditional look, elaborate and decorative mouldings could be used. Décor expert Radeesh Shetty of The Purple Turtles, suggests, “For spaces, where the height is low, using lighter colours and gradients can give the impression of more vertical depth. Also, it’s better to avoid mouldings or panels that might make such small space feel claustrophobic. On the other hand, darker shades for a larger room can render it a cozy feel. Using acoustic panels in the ceiling of a larger room can help in avoiding echoes. Design accents such as wooden and metallic beams, glass panels, floating screens, artwork, and wallpapers can be used on the ceiling to accentuate the interior. Using lights that focus on a design feature on the ceiling along with lights on the ceiling that face downwards makes the decor more interesting and unique.”

After embracing all the other elements of the home, don’t forget to pay attention to the ceilings as well. From boring white to its bold avatar, the ceiling is now taking a central place in home décor. Interior designer Deepa Juneja informs, “From expressively painted to lacquered, to regular wallpapered to 3D wallpapered and molding covered ceilings, ceilings leave an enticing visual impact. The glossy ceiling in bright or neutral colour in the high gloss finish will reflect the light in the room. Wallpapers as an added element can be a nice touch too – for example, a faux marble paper applied between molding on a ceiling will add grandeur and an old-world ambiance while retaining its fresh appeal. Mural ceiling goes well in huge villas, bungalows and in commercial properties. Painting a scene on the ceiling with 3D effects gives an astonishing look. Another trend, taking place is wood slat ceiling. The larger and wider planks create a rustic look, whereas leaner planks make the space more modern. You can leave the wood in its natural colour or you can paint them darker or in accent colours.”

Permanent fixtures need to be timeless in home decor as they are not changed often. One needs to be clear as to the focal point of the room. All this is not as complex as it sounds. Basically, every element in the home including the ceilings should be in sync with what you like to see in the way you like to see every day.  Interior expert and founder of Anemos, Rajkumar Jain, suggest that all other elements in the room should then compliment a focal point. “In case there is more than one focal point - the visual weightage of each article needs to be considered. Uncluttered, uncomplicated simplicity with earthy hues will stay untiring for a long time. While accessorizing your ceiling, choose the right kind of ceiling fans, it is the first sight you see when you wake up - so pick something beautiful and pleasing. Consider factors like style/decor of the room, ceiling height, damp or wet rating (in case the fan will be exposed to moisture, personal air movement). Preferences such as high speed or circulators, light and remote control requirement and reversible options in case of extreme weather conditions can be considered as well.”

Lastly, routine cleaning of the ceiling with a duster, soft paintbrush or vacuuming with a brush attachment would help in maintaining its overall look and feel. Such regular checks can also highlight an onset of damage or wear out of a panel that can be corrected or replaced timely for keeping the ceilings in the best shape.

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