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Stars shine bright this Diwali

Published : Oct 27, 2019, 1:10 am IST
Updated : Oct 27, 2019, 1:10 am IST

On this auspicious festival, Bollywood celebrities reveal their favourite memories, traditions, and plans for the day.

Vidya Balan
 Vidya Balan

With the festive mode reaching a pinnacle today, the who’s who of Bollywood is all set to ring in Diwali in the company of their loved ones. While many of the B-towners were occupied attending lavish parties in the days leading up to this festival, others were reminiscing about their childhood memories, and some even making arrangements for the pooja. Sharing their favourite memories, traditions, plans, and messages, here are some of the leading faces from the industry, giving a peek into their personal connection with this auspicious day.

Vidya Balan:

I was born and brought up in Chembur, which is like a Tamil Brahmin Palakkad hub in Mumbai. So for Diwali, we all used to wake up really early in the morning, apply oil, take bath and go to the temple. Then later, we’d go to everyone’s house and see whose rangoli was the best. These are some of my fondest memories of the festival.

Sanya Malhotra:

I remember, growing up, Diwali cleaning was a huge thing at my house. It still remains an integral part when it comes to Diwali. In Delhi, there is a culture of playing cards during Diwali. Since I am from the capital, we’d spend a lot of time with family and friends playing cards.

I am going to Delhi to celebrate Diwali with my family. Since I am shooting for Shakuntala Devi and I haven’t met my family for a long time, I have managed to take two days off to be with them.

Taapsee Pannu:


I believe in spending time with family on this occasion. There was a time when I used to burst crackers but now I have stopped doing that. I love to make rangolis, and considering that I am a foody, it is one of my favourite festivals. My new house is also under construction, so I will do a pooja there.

Bipasha Basu:

Every Diwali, we do Lakshmi pooja at home and gorge on a lot of food. So this Diwali, what I am going to do is eat too many sweets because that remains constant. Come what may, nobody can stop me from eating sweets. I will be with my family. I don’t play cards because we don’t gamble; all that we focus on is food.

I can’t burst crackers because I am very scared of it. And so, I urge everyone to have a happy and safe Diwali. Please don’t make too much noise and be nice to animals. Take care of them.

Raveena Tandon:


Diwali has always been a very special family occasion. It gives us all a chance to take a pause and be grateful for the means we are blessed to have. What a better way to start a festival than to express your gratitude? I think the true spirit of Diwali is in giving. I believe that our lives become better and enriched when we celebrate what we already possess.

Rajkummar Rao:


This Diwali is very special because my film Made in China is releasing. I am always with my family and friends during Diwali. I ensure we don’t burst crackers, and we try our best to also urge our other family members to not do so. I think everybody should be environmentally conscious. We like to have an eco-friendly Diwali.

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