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Spice ’em walls up

Published : May 29, 2019, 1:00 am IST
Updated : May 29, 2019, 1:00 am IST

Spruce up your walls for the harsh Indian summers.

This season go wild with the colour palette and paint your walls as you please.
 This season go wild with the colour palette and paint your walls as you please.

Indian summers used to be fun until a couple of years ago. But now with the rise in temperatures, pollutants in the air and space crunch, summers have become a real deal breaker. We spoke to a few prominent interior designers and architects in the city and they think it is always possible to cheer up a living space and add a lovely feel to it, creating the olden days of pleasant Indian summers!

 “Even if you had a long day of work and your house is not huge, returning to that space can liven up your mood if the house has cheery elements like a subtle background and a bit of greenery”, says Vivek Vashistha, co-founder and principal architect in Bengaluru. “We tend to prefer a material palette over a paint palette. So using elements of solid wood, veneer, wood finished laminates and panels add the natural element. Most often, we also add colours to these removable/replaceable/reshuffle-able panels, so as not to overwhelm the inhabitant,” he added.

“Summers call for light and fuzzy shades! Pastel shades tend to keep the house cool, unlike dark colour that absorbs heat”, said Ranjit Naik, an architect. “There has been studies that proved certain colours have assured effects on the mind. So light shades for the background, and a dash of colour will create a pleasant state of mind. Added to them are stripes, checks, mild polka dots that give a very summery feel. Light coloured drapes and window panels will also allow enough light in while ensuring the house is airy and ventilated”, he added. For interior designer Kajal Ganapathy, it’s about adding accessories to liven up the mood, more than adding colours to walls.  “You should choose what sets your mood right for whichever season. Painting is often for the long run, so picking up accessories is the easier option. I would suggest, a lot of indoor plants and a couple of water features will be good for the summer. Even having water jars with mint leaves on the dining table will freshen up spirits”, she says.
“If I did have to choose a colour, then yellow is my go to! Different shades of yellow itself like lemon, mustard and so forth will definitely bring a very pleasant feel”, she added.

“For the Indian summer, people tend to prefer different shades and textures of white. Using different materials like linen, cotton, and even Kasav for various accessories in the house like for cushions and curtains can create a very refreshing look. To help ensure that it is not monotonous, adding a burst of colour to the little things like putting up a painting or adding a colourful bed sheet will really create a very calming effect on the inhabitants,” says Preeti Patnaik an interior designer.

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